Naya Rivera Has a Comedic Side for Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away, and already celebrities have been sharing pictures of their costumes with their fans. From Lucy Hale dressing up as the Twitter bird, to Kate Hudson embracing a full sugar skull look from Dia de los Muertos, many of them have started celebrating early at pre-Halloween parties held by actors like George Clooney and Matthew Morrison to name a few. And it seems that of the celebrities that attended Morrison’s gathering, another Glee star may have been invited. Naya Rivera dressed as a mail-order bride to someone’s Halloween party (though I’d assume it was her co-stars) as evidenced my photos she took alongside her husband Ryan Dorsey on Instagram.

The two look rather happy and playful together with Dorsey dressed as a mailman and Rivera in a white tutu-corset combo with an envelope attached to her costume. The captions are ever cuter, with one reading, “Once a bride…” and the other saying, “Always a Dorsey.” Although there was some skepticism over Rivera and Dorsey’s wedding, which took place only a few months after Rivera broke up with her ex-fiancé Big Sean, it seems that the couple is doing just fine. You wouldn’t even think these two only dated for a brief three or so months (if that) before getting hitched.

Rivera and Dorsey making a handsome looking pair in these images and obviously both have a bit of humor as well. Although I’ve seen this look before, it really never gets old, and Rivera pulls it off so well.

Images: Naya Rivera/Instagram