Did She Tease the Best of '1989's Lyrics?

Let me just say that I applaud Taylor Swift for her inexhaustible and highly successful methods of getting me excited for 1989. I don't think I've ever been quite so excited for an album before — seriously, I was so excited that I actually pre-ordered it (a huge step for me). So, when Swift started posting 1989 song lyrics on Instagram a few weeks ago, my excitement went through the roof. Granted, it was already incredibly high from listening to the Harry Styles-inspired track "Out Of The Woods" over and over again. So, when 1989 was released on Oct. 27, I was excited to hear the lyrics Swift hyped up because, duh.

But, surprisingly, I found that Swift hadn't actually previewed the BEST of the best lyrics from each song. Which I suppose is a great tactic to make sure we don't take anything for granted going into our first listening of 1989, but I was under the impression that T. Swift was as excited as I was about these reveals. She's sneaky, that one. Thankfully, however, all of the songs Swift previewed (and, of course, the ones that she didn't) absolutely lived up to the high expectations surrounding 1989. Because this is Swift we're talking about here, people. She's a fine-tuned machine when it comes to making music that makes my ears want to cry tears of joy.

So, now that we have new, sweet, sweet, beautiful Swift music, how did the singer's preview lyrics stack up to each song's actual best lyrics?

"Welcome To New York"

Swift's Preview:

Actual Best Lyric (ABL): SAME

Swift hit the nail on the head with this one. This is exactly the essence of what "Welcome To New York" is about and it's just a great lyric. Kudos.

"Blank Space"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "But you'll come back each time you leave / 'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

I get why Swift chose the lyric she did. I mean, it's part of the song's first verse. But "a nightmare dressed like a daydream" is a killer line in an absolutely killer song.


Swift's Preview:

ABL: "He says 'What you heard is true, but I can't stop thinking about you.'"

Again, I get where Swift is coming from — it's tough as hell to call someone out for treating you like crap. But the actual best lyric of this song is the sultrier moment when said transgressor responds.

"You R In Love" (Bonus Track)

Swift's Preview:


I couldn't hate on this lyric if I tried. It's dripping with sap, but that's what makes it great.

"Out Of The Woods"

Swift's Preview:


I am not ashamed to admit that this is based solely on the fact that I can now imagine a date-night-in with Harry Styles based on this lyric.

"All You Had To Do Was Stay"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "People like me are gone forever / When you say good bye."

The lyric Swift chose is a great one, I won't deny it. But I love when Swift gets on her "you should've appreciated what you had" kick. It's boss as hell.

"This Love"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "Your kiss / My cheek / I watched you leave / Your smile / My ghost / I fell to my knees."

There's power in these short phrases and I'm a sucker for any time someone sings about their transparency and falling to their knees (physically or emotionally) in the face of powerful love. Sing to my soul, girl.

"I Wish You Would"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "We're a crooked love / In a straight line down / I guess you wanna run and hide / But it made us turn right back around."

I love when Swift's voice goes into video-game-sound mode on the lyric she posted, but the "square peg, round hole" thing she's going for in the ABL is too superior.

"Wonderland" (Bonus Track)

Swift's Preview:


Swift is more of an expert on vicious cycles in relationships than she should be at her young age. But this lyric is perfection.

"I Know Places"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "Loose lips sink ships all the damn time / Not this time."

Everything about "I Know Places" amazed me from the onset, but Swift gets menacing and full of self-defense when she sings the ABL and that's a side of her I never thought I'd see.


Swift's Preview:

ABL: "You're still all over me / Like a wine-stained dress I can't wear anymore."

We've all been there and we all know this feeling. Also, apparently T. Swift likes wine and I'm so down with that.

"Shake It Off"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "I never miss I beat / I'm lightning on my feet / And that's what they don't see."

The preview Swift chose isn't really her finest moment in the song because of the fact that she's kind of throwing shade at her ex's new girl. The ABL of this song is really when Swift calls out the haters. I mean, duh.

"New Romance" (Bonus Track)

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "It's poker / You can't see it in my face / But I'm about to play my ace."

We can all agree that T. Swift's better when she's being a total boss, right? Kill 'em, girl. Just kill 'em.

"How You Get The Girl"

Swift's Preview:


I'm sorry, but I just can't get behind "How You Get The Girl." Every lyric is just so "meh." I still love you, T. Swift, I promise.

"Bad Blood"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "Time can heal / But this won't / So, if you're coming my way / Just don't."

Bullets and band aids are a pretty great pair, but the epic side-eye that goes along with Swift spitting this lyric of pure shade makes it the clear best of the song.

"Wildest Dreams"

Swift's Preview:

ABL: "I thought, 'Heaven can't help me now' / Nothing lasts forever / But this is gonna take me down."

Swift's preview gave a hint that "Wildest Dreams" was about a bad boy, but her musings about their romance are where the real lyrical genius lies in this song.

Swift's Previews vs. ABLs Overall

First, let me just say that I'm not, by any means, claiming that Swift's previews were bad. (I liked all of them on Instagram and I am no pity-liker.) But maybe Swift doesn't give her lyrical genius the credit it deserves. Some of her previews were totally on point, but most of them were absolutely not. Which I guess only matters a little bit because none of 1989's songs disappointed in the slightest.

All hail Taylor Swift.