So Many Random Celebs Are Excited About '1989'

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Taylor Swift's latest album 1989 dropped Sunday night and then the world as we knew it imploded. If you've recovered from your 1989-induced fever dream, you now know that everyone else collectively lost their minds and Taylor Swift has just climbed another rung of the world domination ladder. She's even headlining Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest which was announced on Monday to coincide with her album release, causing me to believe that Swift is a marketing evil genius. So naturally it's not just Swift's regular fans who are going crazy over her latest albums — all of her celeb-besties are freaking out, too.

From Selena Gomez, to Lena Dunham, to Lorde, all of Swift's best friends in the music biz have come all in full force to promote her album (as if it needed more promotion) and to sing their praises of it. But the best reactions by far have been the ones the world wasn't expecting. Of course Dunham is going to freak out over 1989 because she's a fan of good music and one of Swift's latest celeb besties helping to change her for the better. But then you get the celeb fans who are coming totally out of left field on this one. They are sneaky Swifties, the kind who have waited to make themselves known until the last possible second aka after 1989 dropped. These sneaky Swifties are seeing the light and simply can't shake it off.

Simon Pegg

This came out of nowhere, but I can certainly dig it.

Ingrid Michaelson

Being a Swiftie knows no bounds of musical genre.

John Green

They're fangirling over each other on Tumblr and it's just another reason why it's so great that Swift is on Tumblr. Since Green is keeper of all things YA, it makes sense that he's Team Swift.

Abigail Breslin

Pretty sure everyone feels this feel on a deep emotional level.

Sarah Hyland

Hyland isn't just an actress, she's also a total Swiftie.

Hayley Williams

1989 has the Paramore seal of approval.

Rebecca Black

Not quite a celebrity, but definitely known for her short-lived music video past. I bet she thinks 1989 is fun, fun, fun, fun.

Patton Oswalt

I dare you to find a more random Swiftie.