Is The Urban Decay Naked Vault Worth It? Let's Break Down The Cost Of Each Item

Remember when we told you that the Urban Decay Naked Vault is being released in the UK on November 1? Ah-mazing news: it's coming to the U.S. a day earlier. (Take that, Londoners. You already get the cool accents.)

The makeup mega-kit will be available at Sephora in stores and online as well as on starting October 30. There are 12 items in the set, and it'll run you $280, but the million dollar question (or, the $280 question, rather) is: is it really worth it? Here's a breakdown of what the Naked Vault includes and what the items cost indicidually:

The grand total for the 12 individual items: $360. So the Naked Vault is saving you $80, which is just over a 22 percent discount. If you are drooling over this beauty lover's dream kit, it may not be a bad idea to print this page out and conveniently leave it for the best gift-giver you know to find right before the holidays. After all, it's not what you spend, it's what you save, right? I have to admit, though, I might have a hard time shelling out $280 when I already own one of the eye shadow palettes (Naked2, obvi), even though buying the set would still save me some cash if I were going to buy the other 11 pieces.

But look how pretty! Friends, if you're reading this and you get a Naked2 palette for Christmas, well, it's still the thought that counts (even if it was a part of this set.)