These Taylor Swift Memes Will Remind You Why She's a Feminist Angel — MEMES

Even if you absolutely hated Taylor Swift and her music before, you have to admit that she is really killing it this year. Not just musically, but as a person and a role model. You see, Swift had a feminist awakening that allowed her to see the feminism movement was about equal rights and not about man-hating; since then she's been calling out sexism left and right and proving that you were just wrong if you didn't start loving her as soon as she identified herself as a feminist. Between hosting secret listening parties at her house for her fans and the release of her new album 1989, which spawned the single "Shake It Off" and, I might add, was written entirely during a self-imposed dating hiatus, the pop star has more than proven herself to be both a great feminist and an absolute angel.

Naturally, I came to the belief that a Feminist Angel like Swift was more than worthy of having her own meme. Just like the Good Father Ryan Gosling Meme celebrated what an amazing father he's — probably — going to be, the Feminist Angel Taylor Swift Meme celebrates the 1989 singer for being both a classy supporter of women's rights and just about the best person to know or to be a fan of. If you don't already identify as a Swiftie, these memes are guaranteed to change your mind. (I hope.)

Image: Kadeen Griffiths/Bustle