Make Easy, Last-Minute 'Vampire Diaries' Costumes

by Rachel Semigran

You know it's almost Halloween, right? RIGHT!? OK, sure, you've probably been bombarded all day with #TBT costume pics of Halloweens past and are equally overwhelmed at your local drugstore by the overabundance of candy corn and all-too-early Christmas decorations. But nevertheless, you might not be ready for Fright night. But fear not, you're not the only one who probably hasn't come up with a costume or figured out last-minute party plans — this is where I come in (at least for the costume part). If you're a fan of easy Vampire Diaries Halloween costume ideas , or are at the very least a fan of fast, cheap, and simple outfits, then read on, you procrastinator extraordinaire.

The Vampire Diaries is chock full of sexy blood-suckers and the sexy women who love them. It's sexy, y'all. Well, at least as sexy as the quasi-undead can be. However, to get the full Vampire Diaries effect, you don't need to wear a corset or do a bunch of push-ups before going out. The most you'll need is about 10 bucks or less depending what you have lying around in your junk drawer, and a bit of good penmanship.

Here's how you can make a Vampire Diaries costume in less time than it takes to watch an actual episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Idea #1: The Groaner

Red Sharpie Permanent Markers(12 Count), $7, Amazon

Simply write on the t-shirt, "Dear Diary, today sucked." Who doesn't love a good pun on Halloween? For extra flare, make the letters look like they're dripping in blood!

Idea # 2: All About the Teeth

Plastic Vampire Teeth (Pack of 24), $5, Amazon

Head to the nearest dollar store, drug store, grocery store, or Halloween-O-Mania and pick up a pair of plastic vampire teeth. Smear a little red lipstick on the side of your mouth to look like blood and then add the final touch of carrying around a diary. Voiala! You are The Vampire Diaries!

Idea # 3: Sexy Vampires, duh

Pecs & Abs Funny Men's T-Shirt by Spreadshirt, $16, Amazon

You might not have time to head to the Jersey shore or go to the mall and get an airbrushed tee with fake abs on them... so you might need to resort to the power of the permanent marker yet again. To go as Damon Salvatore, simply draw some abs and pecs on a skin-toned tee and add the vampire teeth. Easy, right?

Images: CW, Old Navy, Amazon, Party City, Spreadshirt