Brooklyn Beckham Landed A Cool Magazine Cover

Being the offspring of someone mega-hot and mega-famous must suck. Like, you pretty much only have one career path option, and that's "wildly successful model." Who wants that? Perhaps Brooklyn Beckham, who currently graces the cover of The New York Times Style Magazine , would have preferred to be a starving artist instead. But noooooo, he has to join the family business of being professionally gorgeous and making tons of money. Ugh.

The 15-year-old son of David and Posh Spice — sorry, VictoriaBeckham made his modeling debut earlier this year on the cover of bi-annual U.K. magazine Man About Town (more like boy about town, am I right???). Soon afterward we found out that he is dating Hollywood darling Chloe Grace Moretz, basically making him the coolest high school freshman in the world. And now he's got this NYT Styles spread under his belt. This boy's star is rising fast.

Beckham sports a Hood by Air sweatshirt, nerdy-chic glasses, and a haphazardly placed comb on the cover of the magazine. The rest of the images appear to be just as quirky/cool, with the young model demonstrating an affinity for funny faces and smoldering eye contact in equal measure. Also, he looks exactly like his father, which is an excellent thing.

But seriously, what is up with that comb?

Images: New York Times Style Magazine(3)