Need a Last-Minute Costume? He's Got an Idea

Though George R.R. Martin spends a lot of his time crafting some of the most grim stories in the world, he still takes time to have a little bit of Halloween fun. For a special segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the A Song of Ice and Fire author judged a Game of Thrones fan costume contest. The results ranged from a pitch-perfect Red Viper and Ellaria Sand to Martin himself. The original grandfather of dragons ended up going with mega-fan who was dressed as The Hound. Just based on the guy's sneer and all-too-realistic props, I can see why Martin chose him as the victor.

The contest also introduced a simple, cheap and quick last-minute costume idea. Today is Halloween, so if you don't have an outfit yet, you better get cracking. The contestant dressed as George R.R. Martin shows you just how easy it is to pull off a clever idea. All you need is a button-up shirt, a pair of suspenders, a Martin-esque signature hat, and a copy of Game of Thrones , and you transform into the most popular fantasy author in America. For a little extra Martin oomph, snag a pair of glasses and draw on a white beard and mustache. It might not be as spot-on as the Game of Thrones costume contest, but it sure beats not having a costume.

Take a look at the special Halloween segment here:

To put the whole costume together:






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Happy Halloween, fans!

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