They Reunited & It Felt So Good

Comic-Con truly is a place of wonders. If all of the awesome stuff the Internet has revealed from the event hasn't been enough proof for you, then here's some more: Maisie Williams tweeted that she reunited with Rory McCann, in a photo that you can see below, which Game of Thrones fans know translates to "The Hound and Arya ride again!...Sort of." She enthusiastically wrote next to the photo, "Favourite photo at Comic Con. Miss ya, Rory [McCann]," which shouldn't be a surprise to fans— earlier this year, Williams publicly announced her admiration for McCann when she tweeted that she wanted him to earn an Emmy nom for his work as The Hound, so obviously, she was psyched to reunite with him.

Unfortunately, neither of them received a nomination for their work, but fans of the show know that the two were, indeed, one of the best duos on the show in Season 4 (well, before Arya left him for what is most likely dead), giving Brienne and Pod a run for their money. So! In honor of their reunion, isn't it a prime time to reminisce about the bantering pair?

First, it's critical to remember that The Hound instilled a vengeful bloodlust in Arya. And who could forget the season premiere of Season 4, in which The Hound and Arya killed Polliver & Co. — The Hound was primarily motivated by chicken, and Arya wanted to avenge her friend's Lommy's death (to quote The Hound: "What the fuck's a Lommy?"). In that episode, The Hound instantly became one of the most quotable characters on Game of Thrones, and he also really inspired me to eat a chicken dinner that night.

As the two wandered throughout The Riverlands, onward and elsewhere, they established a repartee that, to me, brought to mind a Beckett play. ("Nothing is nothing," Arya once said. I know Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen recently wowed crowds in the classic play, but are these two up for a revival of Waiting for Godot? 'Cause I'll spearhead that campaign!) Amidst their banter — and sometimes arguments that left you wondering if one of them would kill the other — The Hound also opened up to Arya about his notorious burns.

Although some may argue that his demonstration of some vulnerability made him a father figure to Arya, he wasn't quite an adoptive father, but he did look after her. He cared about her, even if he expressed it in odd ways. He was her captor, but he ended up truly giving a damn... even if, unfortunately for him, she left him to rot. Perhaps she learned from him. And it's Game of Thrones, so valar marghulis, ya'll.

Bottom line? The two were an awesome duo, and they'll definitely be missed in Season 5 as Arya ventures on to her new life as a badass assassin, and as The Hound, well, decomposes. It's certainly cool to see that Williams loved working with McCann just as much as Game of Thrones fans enjoyed watching the two of them — 'cause The Hound + Arya 4 lyfeeee.

Images: HBO; Giphy