9 Outfits Perfect For Your Thanksgiving Plans

by Alexa Tucker

Thanksgiving is a holiday that looks different for every person — even though most of us take advantage of the day off to spend time with loved ones (and eat copious amounts of turkey and mashed potatoes, obviously), each family has their "way." As a freakishly type-A/holiday-obsessed girl, I envision my Thanksgiving outfit pretty much the moment my plans are finalized. No sooner, though, because there's no one-size-fits-all Turkey Day ensemble. It depends on what you're doing, who you're with, and, let's be real, how much you're feasting on (Thanksgiving clothes should have at least some give, right?)

My family does something different every year. Sometimes we'll celebrate with just the four of us, other years we'll get together with other families. The rest of the Tucker clan lives in Canada, so big gatherings are rarely part of the day, but that's never stopped me from putting special thought into my outfit. Our plans are usually half lounging/half eating, so there's often a clothing change planned. (Actually, that kind of sounds like a regular day for me.)

Whether you're traveling across the country, engaging in some heated flag football or spending the afternoon with friends, here are nine outfits that'll last you through an entire day of eating. Oh, and remember to be thankful for clothes with a spandex blend.

Big Family Gathering

Layer a button-up shirt under a sweater dress and pull on your favorite knee-high boots (over boot socks, naturally.) Finish the look with a stack of bangles.

Sweater dress, $69.95,; Button-up shirt, $49.95,; Boots, $99.95,; Boot socks, $6,; Silver and gold bangle cluster, $16,

Small Family Dinner

Keep it casual with a sophisticated touch by pairing wide-leg jeans with a flow-y blouse and heels. Hey, who says you can't show your parents that yoga pants and infinity scarves aren't the only things you own?

Wide leg jeans, $44.95,; Black blouse, $39.99,; Calf hair pumps, $58.96,; Knot stud earrings, $4.80,; Oyster band watch, $22.80,

Out-Of-Town Celebration

A shift dress is a great option when you're trying to pack light. Look for a polyester piece so you won't have to worry about it wrinkling. Bring your favorite flats and a gold chain headband as well, and paint your nails in a nude shade before you leave so chips won't be noticeable.

Long-sleeved dress, $79.90,; D'Orsay flats, $19.99,; Rhinestoned chain headband, $3.90,; Nude nail polish, $8.50,

Flag Football Game

Pair your favorite team tee with a quilted vest, stretch jeans and classic Chuck Taylors. A cozy headband will keep your ears warm while you're demolishing your opponents (or just watching.)

Seahawks long-sleeved tee, $31.95,; Diamond quilted vest, $23.80,; Jeggings, $44.95, ; Chuck Taylor classics, $55,; Twist knit headband, $12.99,

Meeting The Parents

This flared dress ensemble will have your significant other's parents telling their friends just how charming and classy their angel's girlfriend is. Convince them further with Mary Jane heels and statement earrings.

Flared dress, $79.90,; Burgundy tights, $12,; Mary Jane heels, $29.99,; Statement earrings, $10,


Be thankful for your fabulous friends in faux leather leggings and cozy sweater. Black lace-up booties and a gold chain necklace tie up the look.

Leatherette leggings, $44,; Knit sweater, $24.95,; Lace-up bootie, $89.95,; Gold chain necklace, $5.99,

Chef Duty

An embellished sweater and skirt combination is a good choice whether you're hosting or just helping out in the kitchen. The detailed shoulders and ear cuff add a little sparkle without getting in the way of the chopping, stirring, and, of course, tasting. And if anything drops on your patent flats, you can wipe it right off.

Sweater, $90,; Skirt, $79.90,; Tights, $6.80,; Flats, $39.95,; Crystal ear cuff, $28,

Fancy Feasting

A patterned blouse tucked into a full black midi-skirt screams class (well, calmly states it.) Black ankle-strap heels and a statement bring up the elegance factor.

Patterned blouse, $24.95,; Sateen box pleat skirt, $47.99,; Leaf knuckle ring, $8,; Ankle strap pumps, $129.95,

Couch-ing It

Let's be real, this is what I'll be wearing for at least half the day. No complaints, though — this is quite literally the softest sweater I've ever owned, and my love for yoga pants runs deep. And the socks? They're fuzzy, they have cats on them, and the cats have pink glasses on. Psych, I'm wearing this all day.

Chenille cardigan, $34.95,; Cotton tank, $24.50,; Shaping tights, $39.95,; Fuzzy socks, $4,

Images: martinak15/Flickr; Courtesy Brands