And This, Kids, Is Where Hipsters Come From

Jonathan Lennard, a super ~hip~ photographer who’s worked with Julia Roberts, Dove, and Nokia, decided to portray how hipsters are made in his latest video, "The Factory". Because this phenomenon is something we’re all potentially curious about (key word: potentially), Lennard brilliantly illustrates the origins of the hipster and reveals their true chemical making: American Spirit cigarettes, Gap boxer briefs, and Bill Murray tattoos. But that’s not all: This short film explores other well-known hipsters components like gaudy, ironic watches, mustaches, and full bear suits. They say things like, “I’m an artist,” “Want to see my new hybrid?” and “I’ve got VIP tickets” over and over again with confused determination. They look like our collective college boyfriend who invited us over to watch French films and have sex while a Joan Baez album played softly on their vintage record player. While I personally think the whole hipster mockdom is passé (was that hipster of me to say?), this clip is gorgeously produced, and it focuses on every last detail from the frankenhipster’s jacket buttons to their DIY unwashed hair.

“The Factory” was part of Lennard’s trilogy of fashion short films. The two others are titled “Selfishly Selfies,” and “The Devil wore crimson.” They are just as self-aware and slightly stale as far as trend game goes, but still totally worth a watch. Unless this type of thing is just too low-brow for you, and in that case, why don’t you go read some Nabokov while slowly sipping a cold brew in a mason jar?

Image: Jonathan Lennard/Vimeo