Bouqs Company Flower Beard Contest Is Offering A Year's Worth Of Gorgeous Bouquets For The Best Facial Garden

There's just something magical about a flower beard. If men in rowing blazers are "Playboy for preppy white women," then it's safe to say that flower beards are porn for people who shop at Free People and wear a lot of turquoise jewelry. As you may have seen by now, flower beards are just trendy. Like fancy coffee, bikes (but, you know, the hip kind), and being too cool to watch TV, flower beards just sort of make sense for hipster guys. And hey — as someone who doesn't consider themselves even remotely cool enough to be labeled as a hipster (although, yes, I also had my Bon Iver phase), I appreciate the flower beard trend just the same. And apparently, so does the flower-delivery site, The Bouqs Company. Bouqs is hosting a flower-beard decorating contest in honor of Movember, and the lucky contest winner will be getting a years supply of flowers. Not such a bad deal, right?

When I heard of this contest, my first thought was: "I knew not being able to grow a beard would affect me negatively one day," because I am most definitely that girl who loves fresh flowers everywhere all the dang time. Also just because beards are pretty bad ass in general, but I digress. As the contest is an effort to raise money and awareness for men's health issues this Movember/NoShaveNovember, the contest is, in fact, limited to men. However, that doesn't mean that guys who have a harder time growing a beard can't participate. Any man is welcome to decorate their face with flowers for the contest. Simply upload a photo of your boyfriend/friend/dad/most willing guy in the office's flower beard to social media or the site's gallery with the hashtag #BouqBeard, and you're set.

As you may have already gathered, The Bouqs Company is a little different than other flower-delivery sites. Their site is a farm-direct source of flowers, all of which are delivered to your door for one flat-rate. Self-described as "quirky" and with options of dozens of unique, gorgeous bouquets, it's hard not to love Bouqs and yes, year-round flowers sounds pretty ideal.

The #BouqBeard photo with the most votes by December 3 will win the amazing prize. Below is some of the entries so far, as listed on The Bouqs site. Go crazy, dudes!