Jax Went Under The Knife For 'Vanderpump' Season 3

Everything a reality show should have will be wrapped up with a nice bow in Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules : tequila shots, copious inter-dating, tears, and going under the knife. OK, that last bullet point might require a teensy bit of explaining, considering the young symmetrically-faced cast. Earlier this year, patron lothario of Sexy Unique Restaurant Jax Taylor got plastic surgery which will air on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules. So tell me, why did Jax Taylor have surgery? Did he finally remove the shameful Stassi tattoo? (Please say this was the reason...)

But nope. Ever the incorrigible procrastinator, Taylor still hasn't gotten around to removing the Stassi tattoo. I mean, Jax is pretty busy giving up on love and designing sweaters. This time, his surgery was a bit more invasive: he was getting a nose job. According to Vanderpump Rules Gossip, Jax had corrective rhinoplasty to fix his deviated septum back in May. I can't attest to specific issues that led Jax to have this procedure, but people usually undergo this surgery to treat sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis, and nasal polyps.

Taylor's on-screen co-workers Tom Sandoval, Schaena Marie, and Tom Schwartz popped by for a visit or two to check in Jax while he was on a week of bed rest. No word on what they brought as get-well gifts, but I'm imagining Schaena showed up with a picnic basket of chicken soup, AXE, and hair gel (the Jax essentials) and proceeded to perform a version of "Good as Gold" with the lyrics changed to suit Jax's injury. SUCH good friends.

Tom Sandoval, ever the bigger person, took Jax on a boy's night out post-recovery to celebrate the edification of his new nose. Tom Schwartz even tagged along, 'cause Katie was probably busy listening to Kristen complain about Tom dating Ariana. The preceding photo stands as living proof that there exists no bro-down like a Vanderpump bro-down, cause a Vanderpump bro-down involves copious selfies.

Pause for a sec though: I thought that Jax sleeping with Kristen was the proverbial nail in the Jax/Tom bromance coffin? They still hang out? Who knows, maybe Jax in his sickbed softened Tom Sandoval's heart and helped them mend fences. Nothing like a routine medical procedure to put our petty quarrels into perspective.

Cheers to the new, old nose and what it does for your friend quota, Jax!