Do You Remember All of 'Vanderpump' Season 2?

The wait is finally over; we can finally reunite with our favorite staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants when Vanderpump Rules Season 3 begins. A lot seems to have changed between the start of Season 2 and now, mostly because Vanderpump Rules Season 2 was an extremely explosive season that provided so much drama, at times it was hard to keep track of who was friends with who. With Season 3 beginning, it only felt appropriate to review exactly what happened at SUR.

Although Season 2 was incredible, a lot of it seemed to still stem from the drama that was left over from Season 1. Jax and Stassi — although we all knew how terrible their relationship was — seemed to want to give the relationship another go, obviously leading to a lot of disappointment on Stassi’s part. Friendships were also struggling, as the friendship that came to be at the end of Season 1 between Stassi and Scheana no longer existed because Stassi didn’t call Scheana after a very serious dental surgery — or so she says.

So you're caught up in time for the premiere, here’s a Season 2 breakdown:

Jax Did Sleep With Kristen

It was a long time coming, but he finally admitted it in the Season 2 finale episode. After Stassi became a detective of sorts and trying extremely hard to catch Kristen and Jax in a lie — seriously, she liquored Jax up, and went through Kristen's phone — it was actually Jax that confessed to her that he and Kristen had slept together. Of course it didn't go over well for anybody, as Tom Sandoval punched out Jax, Stassi was so over it, and Lisa still decided that this type of drama was appropriate for a workplace.

Kristen & Tom Broke Up

Following the truth bomb that is Kristen and Jax, Tom and Kristen broke up, after dating for a very long time. They were obviously miserable in the relationship (or at least miserable every time the cameras were in their home) so this felt like a breath of fresh air for them. At the reunion, we learn that Tom and Ariana are still going strong (and still are to this day) although Kristen does not like them together.

Scheana Doesn’t Have Too Many SUR Friends, Still

I almost think Scheana is too good for the drama at SUR, as it seems that everyone looks for the worse in her, when she is just a girl — who had a very serious dental surgery — that is looking to be a supportive friend. LOVE HER. In Season 2, Scheana’s BFF relationship with Stassi fizzled, so much so that she demoted her from bridesmaid to guest at her upcoming wedding. Kristen and Katie also verbally executed her at Peter’s — love him — birthday party for giving him a lap dance. At the reunion, Scheana talked about how she was stuck between two friends, Kristen and Ariana, at the current moment. Oh, the tangled webs we weave when we work at SUR.

Image: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo