The Chocolate Dress Actually Exists

Well — it looks like the two greatest things in the world have finally collided. British actress China Chow wore a Moschino Hershey Bar dress to Sunday night’s LACMA Art + Film Gala. I repeat: there is a CHOCOLATE (kind of) dress in this world. This takes my love of clothes and candy to a whole new level.

The whole foodie thing isn’t anything new for Moschino, of course. The brand turned the runway into a McDonald's during FW14 Milan Fashion Week, with the Hershey Bar dress making an appearance between the display of golden arches. However, to actually see a celeb wearing the dress is completely new. It’s just one of those things you never really expect to see in real life — but I’m definitely glad I did.

As for Chow? Well, she rocked that thing! It takes guts to wear anything out of the ordinary on the red carpet, but, if you want to show off your personal style and get a few photos doing so, it’s the perfect time to take a risk. Plus, it was right after Halloween, so we pretty much all have candy on our minds. The dress is daring. It’s real. Oh — and it’s definitely making me crave a s’more right about now.

And... here it is.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


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