Get To Know the Guy Narrating Jane's Life

Has anyone else found themselves wishing they could have their lives narrated after watching Jane The Virgin? It can't be just me, right? Jane The Virgin recently received a full-season order from The CW and it's definitely due, at least in part, to the new telenovela-inspired series' perfect narrator. I mean, this isn't the first time I've dreamt about having my life narrated, but now all I want is for Jane's narrator to do voiceovers every time someone dies from being impaled by an ice sculpture in my life. OK, that doesn't happen very often, but you get it. So, who is Jane The Virgin 's narrator Anthony Mendez?

Other than being a totally cool guy who actually answered my inquiry about him narrating my life IRL, Mendez has lent his voice to Showtime, CNN, and a variety of feature films for their promos. But, while he's had a pretty busy and successful career, you might not recognize his voice in these other ventures after hearing him talk about Jane and Rafael's relationship on Jane The Virgin. Because his voice is unrecognizable in these clips, which is obviously the mark of a great voiceover artist (and is also why I'm so stoked that he actually responded to my tweet asking if he'd be interested in following me around and acting as the voice inside my head).

So, where have you heard Anthony Mendez's vocal stylings and who is Jane The Virgin's awesome narrator?

He Voiced This Hot Pockets Commercial

Top notch advertising right here. Top. Notch.

He's Totally Into Pumpkin Beer

Another reason why he should narrate your life — he gets you.

He Was Once The Voice Of Nerf At Target

He Knows About His Craft

Mendez's Instagram and Twitter feeds are chock full of the voice actor's notes on various equipment he uses while at work. And he applauds others when their work is perfection:

He Supports His Costars

The voiceover actor tweeted this at Jane The Virgin star Justin Baldoni after an episode of the series.

His Live-Tweeting Is Top-Notch

If you're not already following Mendez on Twitter, you're going to want to before Jane The Virgin's new episode on Monday night. You're welcome, CW fans.

Image: Tyler Golden/The CW