Selena Wishes a Surprising Friend Happy B-Day

There are new headlines about Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner pretty much every day. The two have enough star power to sell magazines and get clicks on their own, but the two are pitted against each other fairly often. Jenner and the rest of her famous family party with Justin Bieber on a semi-regular basis while Selena Gomez dates Justin Bieber on a semi-regular basis. And earlier this year, there was talk about the two being frenemies after Gomez unfollowed Jenner on Instagram. Oh drama! But now, there is an Instagram video of Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne singing "Happy Birthday" to Kendall Jenner. So I guess they are friends again?

It has been a little unclear in the past, but I am going to take this video as a positive confirmation of friendship. There is no need for these two to be feuding, especially over someone like Justin Bieber if that was really the case. Jenner and Gomez are both hard working and successful young women, and with these similarities is not at all necessary to hate each other, when they can bond over the things they have in common. The two popular celebs should be friends. And not just friends, but best friends. There are plenty of reasons why I think these two would be an adorable best friend duo.

They Have the Same Manager

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Kendall Jenner's modeling career and appearances are famously managed by her momager Kris Jenner (at least for the time being), and now, reportedly, Kris Jenner is taking the reigns to help Gomez become even more successful. Kris seems like a very involved manager so I feel like Gomez is going to be around the Kardashian/Jenner clan quite a bit. I just imagine Gomez standing around the counter in the Jenner home surrounded by that black and white tile chatting it up and contemplating partially-clothed magazine pictorials.

They Both Love Instagram

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OK, so most teens and 20-somethings love documenting their lives, fashion choices, and Starbucks cups on Instagram; however, Jenner and Gomez are not like most teens and 20-somethings. Every picture they post is a big deal. From Jenner's risqué modeling photos to Gomez posting veiled messages to Justin Bieber, we can tell what's going on with these girls through the social media app. They should stick it to the haters and (and possibly make Justin Bieber jealous) by Instagramming a photo together. That's one picture that would say a thousand words — in addition to being cleverly hash tagged.

They Have Mutual Friends

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It can be really awkward when there are two people who don't get along in a group setting. The side eye glances and the tension in the air is not fun for anyone in the room. There have been plenty of paparazzi shots with Jenner and Gomez at mutual friends' birthday parties and other events. The two also both socialize with Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber (obviously), Kylie Jenner (another given), and pretty much all the rest of young Hollywood.

They are Both in the Limelight

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I could not even begin to imagine what it is like to be either one of these young ladies. People pick on them all the time. Every accidental quote and outfit choice get criticized. They cannot have any private romances. Long story short, they have a list of concerns and responsibilities that normal people do not understand. It would be ideal to have a friend who understands your life, and they also can vent about Kris Jenner driving them crazy.

These two don't have to be rivals, and I am just getting tired of people pitting female celebrities against each other just because they have interests and friends in common. Judging by the birthday video, Jenner and Gomez seem to be on good terms, so let's leave it at that and hope they're happily bonding over their love of Instagram.

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