11 Amazing Nick Offerman Quotes on Love & Relationships Because Even Ron Swanson Has a Heart

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It's easily to feel a little disheartened about love nowadays. What with the hideous trials and tribulations of online dating, the endless eye-roll-worthy moments of everyday single-shaming, and the overwhelming number of reality shows that will make you feel like romance is but a farce. It's either that or the fact that Winter is coming and there's only so much an adult-sized onesie and Netflix can do.

Fear not my fellow lovelorn hibernators, not all is lost, for Nick Offerman is in the world. The Parks and Recreation star is as much an openly bleeding heart romantic as he is a bourbon-loving craftsman. He is equal parts rose petals and saw dust. Reading about his marriage to Megan Mullalley will not only give you hope that love (with incredible sex) isn't dead, it will also restore your faith in modern romance. Take a look at how Nick Offerman talks about his marriage and get the warm fuzzies from a guy with a bristly mustache and a heart of gold.

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