'The Voice' Is No Longer #Blessed

This season of The Voice has thrown curveball after curveball, but here's one we never saw coming: Blessing Offor has been sent home. What's even more shocking is that he was beat by Chris Jamison, who easily blends into the background of young, fresh-faced pop/country artists. Though Jamison delivered a smooth, modern version of Otis Redding's "Sitting On the Dock of the Bay," I was almost positive that Offor's soulful, jazzy rendition of John Mayer's "Your Body Is a Wonderland" would earn him the win. But alas, coach Adam Levine chose Jamison and Offor went home without getting the coveted steal.

Offor stole our hearts as the blind piano player with a voice like butter who had the entire New York City subway map committed to memory. Everything about him was unique, from his charm to his voice to his performance-style. So what does Jamison have that Offor doesn't? Not much. Offor was really something special; let's count the reasons why.

Offor is one of the only performers this season to play an instrument week after week. Though many singers have the ability to play some sort of instrument, it is not seen often in these singing competitions. And while many The Voice contestants have been known to hide behind their instruments during their performances, Offor used it as an extension of himself and was able to use his piano to better portray his emotion.

Offor was one of the only soulful jazz musicians remaining on this season. It seems that the unique artists are being weeded out week after week, and only the generic pop and country singers remain. Offor delivered a consistent performance each week, and didn't need to use tricks that many of the younger performers rely on to show his talent and personality. He stuck out as one of the older contestants this season, but his experience showed in a good way.

Though Offor is a huge loss to Team Adam, I'm sure he this competition has put him on the map and we will see him in lights one day. And while I have lost a little bit of hope in Levine, he's been around The Voice block a few times and has a pretty stacked team, so I'm sure he has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC