'Diana' Ripped to Shreds by Critics

Despite a promising trailer, it appears that Naomi Watts' Diana might not actually be the Oscar-bait everyone was expected. According to Us Weekly, the first reviews for the Diana are in, and UK critics have been describing it as "awful," "cheap," and "atrocious" — amongst other things. Since there's not much use in skirting the issue, I'm just going to launch straight into some of the damning quotes:

UK tabloid The Mirror gave the film only one star: "The Queen of Hearts has been recast as a sad-sack singleton that even Bridget Jones would cross the street to avoid . . . [this is a] cheap and cheerless effort."

The Times' review was even harsher: "Even when these lines are delivered by the fragrant Naomi Watts, doing her level best with a squirmingly embarrassing script, this film is still atrocious and intrusive."

The Guardian's review, however, was the worst: "I hesitate to use the term "car crash drama"...But the awful truth is that, 16 years after that terrible day in 1997, [Diana] has died another awful death. This is due to an excruciatingly well-intentioned, reverential and sentimental biopic about her troubled final years, laced with bizarre cardboard dialog – a tabloid fantasy of how famous and important people speak in private."

Basically, no one liked it.

While promoting the film yesterday in London, Naomi Watts is said to have walked out of an interview with BBC Radio 5 for unspecified reasons — though she has previously said that she's "somewhat anxious" about how Prince William and Prince Harry will receive the biopic in which she portrays their late mother.

Diana is set to hit theaters stateside on November 1 — if you're still interested, that is.