What Does Her Choice Mean For Haylijah?

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN, ORIGINALS FANS? I'd just about had it up to my ears with The Originals constant effort to tear Elijah and Hayley apart, but I'm starting to wonder whether or not I'm just overreacting because the instant gratification of their relationship has been compromised. On Monday night's episode, "Red Door," Hayley saved Klaus before Elijah on The Originals , but I'm starting to realize that that might not mean what we think. Here's the deal, the stakes were high on either side of this decision, but Hayley made the choice that could save Elijah rather than toying with the possibility of failing. So, Haylijah still lives on The Originals and now we can rest easy, my friends.

OK, now let's get down to business. Here's where we were at on Monday night — Esther had captured Elijah and no one could figure out why he was MIA, Davina lost control of Mikael, Davina and Kol are in cahoots, Klaus tried to kill Mikael, Hayley and Marcel are partners, and Mikael didn't die. Are you feeling ready to dive into an in-depth analysis of Hayley's decision to save Klaus before Elijah now? OK, great, let's begin.

Early on in "Red Door," Hayley went to Marcel with concerns that Elijah had gone missing and Marcel made a crack about her and Elijah being attached at the hip. Hayley was forced to confess that they were on the outs, but it also lit a fire under her to get moving to save him. Now, The Originals skipped over the entire process where Hayley decided to help Klaus instead, but it did show her learning about the fact that Mikael was on the loose and he had Cami as a hostage. You're wondering what this all has to due with Haylijah, right?

Well, first of all — Klaus is totally not interested in Hayley that way because we basically saw him proclaim his love for Cami on Monday night. (THANK YOU, GODS.) But, more importantly, Hayley going to Klaus' aid first demonstrated that she's not taking any chances with saving Elijah. Hayley already faced-off against Mikael before and beat him in Season 1, so she took care of the easy business — which freed up Klaus to help her find Elijah — and made sure that she'd have plenty of people on her team, aka Marcel who would've died if Mikael killed Klaus. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Hayley still cares so much about Elijah and she took care the petty business first to put herself in the best possible position to save him. Rescuing Klaus first wasn't because she has feelings for him — though she probably is happy that he'll live to see another day — it's because having Klaus with her gives her the best chance to save Elijah from Esther's wrath. Hayley realized how easily Esther got under her skin and into her mind earlier this season and she wasn't going to take that chance with Elijah's life on the line.

So, Originals and Haylijah fans, we're all in luck here. Because, while it's seemed like The Originals Season 2 is forcing a romance between Hayley and Klaus, "Red Door" cemented the fact that Haylijah isn't a sinking 'ship on the series. Well, and that Hayley's officially got the brain for Esther and Mikael's sick brand of warfare.

Image: Quantrell Colbert/The CW