Her Glam Regimen Costs More Than Your Life

Since Ariana Grande came to prominence in recent years, she has oft been compared to legendary Mariah Carey, first with her octave-chasing voice and then due to her reported diva antics, like bailing on a photo shoot and refusing to be shot from one side of her face. This no doubt makes Mimi, a supreme diva who has earned her status, bristle, as she can't be ready to abdicate her pop diva throne. If you ever wondered how much celebs spend on beauty routine and if you ever questioned whether or not Carey still reigns supreme as the pop diva, a new lawsuit outlines just how Dem Babies' mother still owns it, claiming that it costs $85,000 to get Carey ready for a photo shoot. RUFKM? That's big primpin' and it's more thanmost average folk spend on their wedding, the biggest and most important day of their life.

The boring legal stuff: A photog is suing Carey's label, saying he prepared for a photo shoot that was eventually canceled so now he wants to be reimbursed for the $150,000 he spent. He also included an itemized list of Carey's glam needs. The label says it did not agree to contract terms and therefore the suit is BS and they're not paying up. The courts will sort that mess out.

Here's the juicy stuff: A Carey on-set mani has a $2,400 price tag! What! The breakdown for Carey's big primpin' is more than most of spend in our lifetimes on cosmetic and beauty supplies. And to think that there's usually a Photoshop job to follow the photos in post-production. Remember the drama surrounding her Terry Richardson photo shoot for Wonderland, which was retouched out the wazoo?

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The breakdown of Mimi's glam needs is as such.

Stylist: $65,391Hairstylist: $9,600 Makeup Artist: $7,200Manicurist: $2,400

Let's break it down further and hypothetically, shall we?

A $65,000 stylist? That's understandable if he or she is buying clothes for the shoot but most are able to do a gratis pull from designer showrooms AKA borrow the threads and return them when done. A stylist fee can be included here, as well, but to the tune of 65 grand? Hmm. Maybe Mimi wants all bespoke clothes for her shoots?

About that nearly $10k spend on a hairstylist? Mimi is known for her glossy, honey-kissed highlights, so unless she was getting a full process of her locks on set or using a range of products with an ingredients list of crushed diamonds, liquid emeralds, and fair trade unicorn tears to add unmatchable sheen, WTF can be justified here?

Over $7,000 for a makeup artist? That's gotta be the fee for Mimi's on-call MUA. She would not leave any sort of shoot to hands that are not familiar with the contours of her beautiful face.

And as for that $2,400 manicure? Most of us grab the $15 corner mani, saving the $50-and-up spa mani for special occasions or to treat ourselves. Carey is likely requiring a celeb manicurist with an expensive per-hour rate, hence the price.

It's still mind-blowing when you think about it. Carey is a natural goddess and a glamazon, and she is not shy about her diva-ness. I would not be shocked if she bathed in only the finest champagne or virgin tears every morning.

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