Is Jimmy Darling Connected To Kit From 'AHS'?

So far, American Horror Story: Freak Show has more than made up for Coven's total disaster. And it's tied together so tightly that they've even had time to build in a crossover with AHS: Asylum (which is likely why Ryan Murphy finally admitted the AHS universes are all connected). So could there be other connections between Asylum and Freak Show , like between Evan Peters' characters Kit Walker and Jimmy Darling?

While it might be fun to see Peters sharing the screen with himself, I don't really see a place for Kit in the Freak Show storyline. I know, I know, the only thing better than one Evan Peters would be two Evan Peterses with different accents trying to out-act one another. But I just don't think even AHS could make this one convincing. It's enough of a stretch that Pepper happens to be a member of Elsa's show and that she'll be intercepted by Sister Mary Eunice in the show's winter cliffhanger. But roping Kit Walker into things down in Jupiter, Florida would be tough, and I don't even think Ryan Murphy would go for it.

Judging from his Bahhstan accent, and the setting of AHS: Asylum, Kit is from Massachusetts, while Jimmy grew up traveling the country with his mother. Maybe the Darling family made a stop or two in the Boston area, but given that their lifestyle has them camping out in tents that don't have a central heating system, it doesn't seem like they'd have spent much time in such a cold and densely populated city.

Their ages also don't add up. We didn't get to hear too much about Kit's upbringing during AHS: Asylum, but he's obviously young, right? He's married, but he works at a gas station, isn't making much money, and lives alone — no kids yet. But Asylum takes place twelve years before Freak Show, so Kit would still be a kid at this point. No reason why a 15-year-old from Boston traveling to Florida would have a meaningful role in this season of AHS.

And more than that, Pepper's character has always been a good representation of Freak Show's themes. She was framed for murdering her sister's baby even though she was innocent, but the jury "took one look" at her and convicted her to a life in Briarcliff. This season, the freaks have been discriminated against and suspected for crimes based solely on their appearances too. Reusing Pepper makes sense. Kit? Not as much. So while there's an outside chance we'll find out that Kit and Jimmy could be long-lost brothers, it doesn't seem likely. Sorry, guys.

Image: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy (2)