Is She Taking Over 'Fashion Police?'

Ever since the world lost the fearless comedienne and fashion commentator Joan Rivers, who tragically passed in September, there has been much talk about who — if anyone — would fill Rivers' spot on E!'s Fashion Police. For a little bit of time, there was a debate on whether or not Fashion Police would continue without Rivers, but if we knew anything about her, it was that she wouldn't want everyone to stop a well-working machine because of her absence. She would want the Fashion Police show to go on. Once it was decided that the show would pick up in 2015, the question remained: who would be added to Fashion Police in replace of Rivers? Rumors began spreading that funny woman Kathy Griffin would join Fashion Police , and now, Griffin has confirmed that she was offered the position, but it sounds like she doesn't plan to take it.

Rivers' family reportedly said that they would like to see someone that Rivers' approved of take charge of Fashion Police, so it makes sense that Griffin was on the top of E!'s list when searching for the perfect "cop." But, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Griffin revealed she's not sure "if the situation is correct at this time for me or right for me at this time. I really hope they continue in the spirit of Joan’s work. She brought a fearlessness and a brand of humor into our homes that we really need.” So to me, that sounds like a "thank you for the consideration, but I'm going to pass," response. And I have to say, I am almost glad that Griffin doesn't see herself taking the new role on the show.

I love Griffin. I think she is hilarious, edgy, often controversial, and fearless, four qualities that also apply to the late Rivers. If Griffin would join the cast of Fashion Police, the viewers would probably feel as if Griffin's presence was a bit of an homage to Rivers' sense of comedy — since they both have a very similar sense of style. But I feel like that would just be "replacing" Rivers on the show — a term I am often very apprehensive to use in this regards, as "replacing" a legend seems very, very wrong.

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Instead of replacing a great, I believe it would be best if Fashion Police looked to start a new path, instead of making it seem like we can fill Rivers' spot with someone similar to her, because in that case, they'll never find someone just right. The show should be looking for someone who has their own sense of humor that isn't similar to Rivers' sense of humor. It will change the dynamic of the set, sure, but that is bound to happen with any new addition (whether it is Griffin or not).

While I would love Griffin to appear on Fashion Police, I don't think her role as head cop would be the right situation (as she has said) either. We need to honor Joan Rivers, not replace her with the most similar sense of humor around.

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