A Fashion Hack That'll Be Your BFF On Thanksgiving

Who doesn't plan to indulge a little more than usual this holiday season? Right: no one. The holidays are all about good times, and that festiveness is best accompanied by equally good eats. Then there is the major holiday fashion problem: too tight pants. If you are stressing about your already tight pants feeling uncomfortably snug after you indulge, then the Kevel Perfect Fit waistband extenders are the ultimate fashion hack for this season and beyond. It was skeptical at first, but have found that they lead to jeans nirvana and solve the too-tight pants/jeans issue, which is one of many prevalent fashion problems.

You won't need to ditch your fave form-fitting jeans just because you decide to eat a slice of pumpkin pie or an extra scoop of mashed potatoes with your Turkey Day dinner. Sure, some of you may be lounging around in sweats all day, but for anyone headed to a fancier affair, these waist extenders are a whole lot classier than unbuttoning your pants at the dinner table.

Plus, Kevel extenders aren't just for those times when you might overindulge when food and drinks are flowing. One size doesn't fit all in today's fashion world, since we're all unique with our shapes and curves, and there is no standard size. If you are an in-between size, like me, you find yourself often battling a too-tight waist but are then left with a baggy butt in a standard pair of jeans or vice versa. I deal with this and it makes me crazy, and Kevels are the best pants hack I have ever come across.

I have this amazing pair of charcoal gray skinnies from PacSun that have never, ever fit quite right. I think they were mistagged as my size and, sure, it's my bad for not trying them on before I bought them. I already had several pairs of this exact same style and brand, so I assumed I'd get another, take 'em home, put 'em on and they'd fit like the rest. Well, this pair was the misfit. They are no longer available, so I can't exchange them, and I didn't really feel like tossing a perfectly good pair of jeans.

Now, because I have Kevel extenders, I can wear the refused-to-fit pair happily and I don't have to lay on the bed and try to manuever, wiggle, or shoehorn them on and ultimately end up failing. The easy-to-attach Kevel loops through your zipper hole, fits over your button, is threaded through the buttonhole, and then allows for some room and some give. It's also discreet. No one knows it's there but you!

There are three varieties, they are under $20, and they come in packs of multiples: The Perfect Fit, which expands the waistline; the Fly Ties, which keep your zipper up; and the Mommy version, which help pants evolve comfortably through shapeshifting pregnancy stages.

That said, you will need to watch the tutorial before first use, because it's not quite as straightforward as it seems.

The too-tight jeans problem has FINALLY been solved. Can I get a "Huzzah!"?

Images: Efired/Fotolia; Kevel (1); Giphy (1)