This 'Mean Girls' Reunion May Not Be All Grool

UPDATE: EW confirmed that the reunion will feature the entire Mean Girls female cast. Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert are all present. The impossible has happened! We have some grool news and some potentially not-so-grool news: the Mean Girls cast reunited for Entertainment Weekly in the 2014 reunions issue, but it may not be the whole crew. So far, just the cover for the annual issue is just out, featuring a little thumbnail of Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan together at the bottom. I imagine that if they had the whole cast, they would have used them as the big cover photo. Who is taking that coveted spot? Ghostbusters, which is amazing and perfect. However, does Bill Murray have beef with his fellow Ghostbusters? Probably not. Getting everyone from Mean Girls together would be a much bigger feat.

With that being said, there is a chance they want people to actually buy the magazine, so they're not giving everything away on the cover. Lohan snapped a selfie with Fey back in August — likely during this photo shoot — but not with anyone else on that day. She did have mini reunions with Daniel Franzese (Damian) and Rajiv Surendra (Kevin G) earlier in the year, though, and Amy Poehler also hung out with Franzese and Lizzy Caplan (Janis), so it wouldn't be crazy to think they did get the North Shore High gang back together. Rachel McAdams should take a cue from The Notebook and understand it wasn't over, and it still isn't over.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Entertainment Weekly