Who Is The Villain On 'AHS: Freak Show?'

I was pretty convinced that American Horror Story: Freak Show 's resident villain for the entire season was going to be Twisty the murderous clown. In fact, I thought that from the very beginning of the promotions that the clown was going to be the crazy murderer this season, and every other character was going to be at risk of becoming one of his victims. Well that theory came to an abrupt end when Twisty became "the one" to Edward Mordrake's second face. So if Twisty (who although was a killer, became an innocent person you kind of felt bad for) wasn't the season's villain, who was?

There are quite a few contenders for season villain. Something Ryan Murphy does so well with AHS is the ability to lead the viewers on to one villain (a la Twisty) and then shock us when at the end of the season we learn that someone else has been the villain all along (I'm thinking of Bloodyface and Zachary Quinto's character from Asylum). So right now, there seem to be a few characters that could be the Freak Show villain, but if things go according to plan, I have a feeling that Murphy will throw in a few twists (pun intended) to divert our attention to the real villain. Here are the villains as of right now:


This sicko is definitely a top contender for the villain of the season. That terrifying smile Dandy delivered after killing Patti LaBelle definitely doesn't scream "I'm sorry for my actions," and it doesn't seem like he plans on stopping his new "hobby" and time soon.


Stanley definitely has the potential to really grow as a villain this season. Right now, he is definitely up there in terms of "bad guy" status, but if this is just the starting point, who knows how far he'll go to kill the members of the show and conserve the bodies (which it seems like he might be getting somewhere with that when he drugs the twins and puts them in a box).


Can you say "anger management issues"?

Maggie Esmeralda

She's technically working with Stanley, but I don't see that lasting very long, so she is on the villain list, but low on the totem pole.

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