'Grey's' Is Lucky To Have Geena Davis this Season

Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy has been a bit rough without Christina Yang, but Shonda Rhimes didn't have any trouble bringing in big contenders to fill her slot. Grey’s Anatomy’s newest resident, Dr. Nicole Herman is a Hollywood legend in real life and her character deserves nothing more than the highest respect. Geena Davis joined Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as their new neonatal resident and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis has a “major” Season 11 story arc. So, it looks like we can expect to see Dr. Nicole Herman plenty this season.

I like to look at Dr. Herman as a new, wiser Addison Montgomery, since she is the first neonatal resident to take over since Addison left for California (however, I’ve heard Kate Walsh's new show Bad Judge is terrible, so maybe Addy will be gracing us with her presence soon). In case you have no clue who I am talking about, Dr. Herman is now Arizona’s boss during her fellow and she’s kind of a jerk to Arizona thus far. Probably because no one at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital ever actually acts like a professional.

Davis, however, is definitely a professional when it comes to acting. She has been in almost every classic movie and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1989 for The Accidental Tourist. She was also married to Jeff Goldblum for almost three years, which is actually my favorite fact about her. Davis is now married to neurosurgeon Dr. Rezy Jarrahy, with whom she has three children, is a member of MENSA, and made it to the semi-final tryouts to be an archer in the 2000 Olympics.

What I’m trying to say is, Davis is a total badass and Grey's is lucky to have her. Check out some of her most memorable roles before you settle in for the honor of watching her on your TV Thursday night.


Davis appeared alongside Dustin Hoffman in one of his most famous roles. Tootsie was an instant classic and Davis plays the small roll of April Page, an actress who works with Dorothy Michaels.

Thelma & Louise

Davis plays one of the title characters in easily the most famous best friend road trip movie of all time. Her Thelma, along with Susan Sarandon's Louise, pretty much taught audiences everything there is to know about being kickass women. Plus, Davis and Sarandon are still friends and still the best.

Buffalo Bill

Davis’ earlier work was on an NBC show called Buffalo Bill. It centered around a talk show host at WBFL-TV, a TV station in Buffalo, N.Y. Geena played the production assistant named Wendy Killian and was only one of two women featured in the main cast of characters.


Another small role Geena had is her character Larry from Fletch. She plays Chevy Chase’s coworker who begins to get suspicious of Tim Matheson’s character, Alan Stanwyk, and investigates him.


Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Yes, Geena Davis played the infamous Barbara Maitland, the deceased bride in Beetlejuice. If you haven’t recently watched this movie, you need to go back and check it out immediately. I like to think that this is Tim Burton’s masterpiece.

A League of Their Own

Davis played the lead in the classic baseball movie about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. First of all, as a girl in her twenties, if you haven’t seen this movie, you need to add it to your list because it’s one of the best girl power movies ever. Davis plays Dottie Hinson, who was based off the real female baseball player Dottie Green.

The Fly

I mean it’s about Jeff Goldblum transforming into a giant man-fly. There has never been a better storyline. Davis and Goldblum married a year after their hit movie together. Can you really blame them? It must be impossible to resist a man-fly — when played by Goldblum.

Stuart Little

Anyone who was born in the '90s probably knows Geena Davis, because every child from the '90s saw Stuart Little in theaters, and she plays Stuart’s mom Eleanor.

The Geena Davis Show

Davis became so famous that she warranted her own TV show. It only lasted for a season, but you can ask Mary Tyler Moore, once you have a show with your name plastered on the logo, you’ve made it.

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