Will 'RHONJ' Twins Nicole & Teresa Return for Season 7? Let's Hope Next Season Will Be Twice as Fun

We're in the home stretch of Season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey . Just two more reunion shows to go and then it's time to put this baby to rest. But clearly, resident twin castmembers Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea are not ready for it to be over. In fact, you could say that they're eager to get Season 7 under way already.

I mean, did you see how feisty they were during the first part of the reunion, which aired on Sunday, Nov. 2? They were coming for everyone, whether it was their nemesis this season Amber Marchese, their couchmate Dina Manzo, or even the seemingly off-limits Teresa Giudice. Though the Season 6 reunion has been a somber occasion because of the impending jail time faced by that Teresa and her husband Joe, the twins have taken no prisoners (no pun intended), showing that even though Teresa is down and out right now, they're not afraid to kick her.

Wow, that takes some big doughnut holes, amirite , Nicole? Though the twins, along with Amber, were new to the show this year, during the reunion, they showed that they weren't going to let any veterans get them down. Seriously, Bravo. Give these ladies another fight.

Unfortunately, Bravo has made no official announcements regarding casting for Season 7 of RHONJ, though there's plenty of rumors regarding the new season out there. Some say Bravo has already started filming the new season so as to get more footage of Teresa Giudice before she begins serving her prison sentence in January. Others say all of the Housewives will return because with so much change this season and Teresa Giudice's departure, the network would like to keep the cast consistent. This is of course with the exception of Dina, who has already publicly expressed that she will not return to RHONJ next season.

Is there any validity to these claims? It's impossible to know at this point, so we should just treat them as rumors for now.

However, I think the twins have a very good chance of returning next season. As I mentioned before, Nicole and Teresa are entertaining and drama always follows them. If you think about it, all the major plotlines of this season, with the exception of the Giudices' legal troubles, revolved around them, from the pulling of Amber's hair to the fallout between longtime friends Jim and Bobby to an alleged, literal family affair. The twins are reality TV gold, Bravo, and you just have to milk them for all they're worth.

Plus, we barely even got to know the newbies during this abbreviated season. Just imagine how many more Dunkin' Donuts references Nicole could drop, creepy Rino jokes we could hear, and general double-the-fun times we missed out on. I'm not ready to say goodbye to Nicole and Teresa just yet, and you shouldn't be either.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; realitytvgifs, sidewindervx/Tumblr