What Happened Between Dina & Jacqueline? 'RHONJ' Fans Should Stay Out of It

Let’s be honest, if it wasn't for the drama that never seems to end on Real Housewives, there wouldn’t be so many Housewives series, let alone multiple seasons of each. But in Real Housewives of New Jersey ’s case, Dina Manzo manages to grab our attention by keeping her biggest drama off camera. Dina and her sister Caroline have been embattled in a feud for years, but since they haven't appeared on RHONJ together since Season 2, no one knows exactly what happened between the two. However during the first part of the RHONJ Season 6 reunion, it became quite clear that Dina is also feuding with her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita, but there hasn't been light shed on that situation either.

Of course, there are rumors and speculation everywhere, but how can we be certain of what's true? Rumors are just that — a fraction of what may or may not be truth, usually exaggerated for the sake of gossip. For the most part, though, most theories suggest that the estranged feud between Dina and Caroline has much to do with Jacqueline. Dina revealed her true feelings during the reunion special when she admitted to not wanting a relationship with her brother’s wife. I just would love to know the cause, because what could really have been that bad?

At first, there was speculation that Dina and Caroline weren’t speaking over Dina’s relationship with Teresa, which was petty to say the least. But to pit family members against each other, I think something more serious may have been the cause. On Twitter, Dina has shown a closeness with her other siblings, making her feud with Caroline and Jacqueline even more upsetting to see.

Jacqueline took to Twitter during the RHONJ reunion, attacking Dina's statements and showing that there's anger on both sides. Caroline seems to side with Jacqueline, since they are still close and Jacqueline even appeared on Manzo'd with Children. Caroline also didn't defend Dina at all, preferring to keep quiet while Jacqueline used Twitter to admit just how difficult it is not to respond to the fans' comments.

Regardless of what happened between Dina and Jacqueline, the feud has clearly escalated to include many other family members. Even Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee ganged up on Dina, insinuating her aunt's lack of understanding of the word "zen" — which Dina said was a hint of why she stays away.

Whatever sparked the feud in the first place is almost irrelevant at this point, because it has only been made worse as the family keeps making words at each other on social media. I won't take sides in this argument, but do I agree with Jacqueline's plea for fans to quit Tweeting at them for answers. The brawl may have begun for personal reasons, but fans could become the cause for things to get worse. Stop tweeting, people, and let them work it out on their own.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy