Family Dominated the Season 6 'RHONJ' Reunion

Now that it's time for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 reunion, one pressing question came to mind: Will I be able to survive listening to the twins for the next three hours? Jury's still out, but the star of the first episode? Dina Manzo, who gave the final word on her relationship with Caroline and Jacqueline. They aren't speaking, both sides are refusing to talk it out, and, most importantly: Dina doesn't want to repair the relationship right now. She even said that spending more time with her nephew, Nicholas, wasn't enough of an incentive to make up with Jacqueline, even though Jac's husband, Chris, is Dina's brother and has always been her "best friend," and Caroline and Jacqueline are particularly close.

Dina claims she doesn't want to share camera time with family members she doesn't get along with. While she's comfortable being on RHONJ as a lone wolf, supported by Teresa, another of her best friends, she's not interested in hashing out an agreement with Caroline or Jacqueline on TV — hence, why she announced that she wouldn't be returning for Season 7 just as Jacqueline was invited back. On her website, she posted this clip and labelled it "My Truth." In it, she outlines exactly what she meant on the reunion, with no cuts, no filter, and, seemingly, contentment.

One Housewife who disagrees is Melissa Gorga, who took a very different tactic to diffuse family drama. It wasn't until they were on RHONJ for several seasons together that the Gorgas and the Giudices were able to put their differences aside. And it wasn't until Teresa was forced to grow up in the face of her serious legal problems that they finally started getting along.

But Dina's personal life is filled with much more than just this disagreement with Jacqueline. She's just sent her daughter off to college, and sounds like she's dealing with a little empty nest syndrome. And she's still living with her husband, Tommy, and hasn't even filed for divorce yet. Plus, she implied that they're currently exes with benefits… which is again, something that wouldn't work for everybody. But she also said she loved Caroline, and would be willing to do a different project together even if they're not BFFs right now. You could practically see dollar signs coming out of Andy Cohen's eyes when Dina mentioned that she'd be happy to do a cooking show with Caroline. I have to admit — I'd love to see the Manzos cooking some meatballs together.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo