Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Share a Steamy Kiss on Instagram & It's Sure to Be the First of Many — PHOTO

PDA alert! She may not have smooched her husband at her wedding, but now Jessa Duggar is kissing Ben Seewald all over social media. The 22-year-old originally declined to have her first kiss in front of her 1,000 wedding guests and TLC cameras. The couple's pastor said it was because "they wanted their very first kiss ever to be in private. It was important to the both of them.” Reportedly, they kissed a few hours after the ceremony. But now that the first peck is out of the way, Jessa Duggar Seewald has no qualms with locking lips in front of the world.

The 19 Kids & Counting star took to Instagram to broadcast the new couple's PDA moment. The black-and-white picture shows Jessa and Ben Seewald lovingly embracing each other and comes complete with full lip contact. (No more side hugs for them!) "It's great living life with your best friend!" she captioned the pic.

If I had to wait that long to be able to kiss my partner I'd probably broadcast it all over social media, too. This is the only picture Jessa has posted since her November first ceremony, but I'm betting she'll follow in her older sister Jill Duggar Dillard's footsteps and over share a bit. After Jill's wedding in June, she went selfie crazy taking pictures of her and husband Derick Dillard doing everything from hugging and kissing to holding hands. You know, all that stuff they weren't allowed to do until they tied the knot.

This may be our only Jessa & Ben PDA picture for now. But if she's anything like her sister, you can bet there will be plenty more in the future.

Image: Jessa Seewald/Instagram