Jennifer Aniston's Makeup-Free Epiphany Is Validated Even More By Rachel Green's Worst Makeup Moment on 'Friends' — VIDEO

There are a lot of classic Friends clips that explain the trials and tribulations every 20- and 30-something goes through in their lives. Issues with relationships, jobs, families, and friends all had their moments on the show — and, without fail, they always made viewers rest-assured that, whatever they went through in their lives, they were never alone. And this...well, this is no exception. Recently, Jennifer Aniston proclaimed that her makeup-less role in the upcoming film Cake caused her to have an epiphany about makeup, or, more specifically, not wearing it: She called the experience of going without makeup for an extended period of time "dreamy and empowering and liberating," which — as someone who morphed from a make-up addict in my teens to a woman who barely wears more than a hydrating moisturizer and protective lip balms on most days — I can confirm sounds about right.

But, it's interesting: Aniston may have come to the epiphany now, in 2014, but I have a feeling that the seeds may have been planted a long, long time ago during the run of Friends — specifically in 1997, during the season 3 episode "The One with the Chick and the Duck."

Yes, that was the episode where Joey adopted a chick for him and Chandler, but it was also the episode where Rachel — never one to wear too much makeup during the run of the series — hurts her hand and has to have Ross help her do her makeup for a party later that night. Though she doesn't want to wear much, Ross is inept at the art of applying eyeshadow, and the results, well...

Let's just say they're enough to turn anyone off the idea of wearing makeup, ever. Really, nothing validates Jennifer Aniston's makeup epiphany more than Rachel Green's worst makeup moment ever.

Check the clip below:

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