Lisa Kudrow Reveals Funniest 'Friends' Costar & Chandler Bing Would Have a Lot to Say About It

In just a few days' time, Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback will be making a second-season comeback of its own on HBO. So naturally, this means she's has been following the usual publicity gambit and answering a ton of questions about the show and herself, in general. So it should come as no surprise that the subject of Friends came up during Kudrow's recent "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit. And being the awesome person that she is, the actress was more than happy to oblige and open up about any questions her fans had — which included Kudrow revealing her funniest Friends costar. And what was her answer, you may ask? Could it BE more obvious? Matthew Perry, of course!

Given how close the six Friends stars were, it's easy to understand how this would be a hard question for Kudrow to answer. But instead of trying to shirk the question off, she gave an honest answer and basically confirmed what we'd always hoped to be true: that Matthew Perry is exactly like Chandler Bing in real life. "Because I spent 10 years laughing hysterically at Matthew Perry. Off-set, it’s Matthew Perry," Kudrow explained when confronted with the Sophie's Choice question, right before clarifying, "And not laughing at him, laughing with him, sorry!”

Clearly, this is a huge compliment to Perry and his hilarious wit, which got me thinking… how would Chandler Bing react to receiving such praise? Well, for starters…

First He'd Act A Little Skeptical

As if he's unsure whether or not you're just messing with him.

Which Slowly Turns Into Shock

Is this real life?!?!

Then Confused Euphoria

You deserve it, buddy.

A Self Congratulatory Dance Party Ensues

Because why wouldn't it?

Followed Shortly by a Karaoke Jam Session

If you're not using helium, you're doing it wrong.

But Then the Cockiness Starts To Set In

He's kind of a big deal.

Soon He Starts Trying to Show Off

With great laughter comes great responsibility.

And Bragging About His Other Talents

Beat that!

However, the Excitement Becomes Too Much To Handle

There's so much pressure to be extra funny now.

Suddenly, He's Lost All Confidence

"Are you laughing at my jokes or my hairdo? Be honest."

And Begins Questioning Everything

We've all been there.

So Maybe He's Just Better Off Not Knowing

Because Some Things Are Just Better Left Unsaid

We'll just have to celebrate for him. Congrats on being hilarious, Chandler Bing. We couldn't BE more proud.

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