Jim & Bobby's Feud Was the Star of 'RHONJ' Reunion Part 2

So far, the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion has been dominated by news about Dina Manzo's problems with her family and Teresa Giudice's antics. But this week, the real stars of the season got their moment: the husbands. And it didn't take long for Jim Marchese, Amber's husband and everyone's enemy, to make a splash. The man is a magnet for reality TV drama. After promising he wasn't invited to the reunion, there he was, right alongside the Joes, Rino, and of course, his former BFF, Bobby Ciasulli. Okay, so let's run it down: who and what did Jim Marchese insult today?

Well, first on the hit list is Bobby. Because the Marcheses were friends with him for so long, this fight seems incredibly personal. And incredibly weird — they were this close for years and now the addition of TV cameras and Bobby's girlfriend of less than a year were enough to make all three hate one another? The Joes could have a tearful, loving moment after literally punching one another, but this minor conflict that all boils down to Jim being a huge jerk and Bobby's rabid intent on being famous, ripped them apart? However it happened, this relationship is dead.

Next up, Jim partook in a famous Housewives tradition: pulling out documents in hopes of catching someone in a lie. And as it always does, it completely blew up in Jim's face. He pulled out pictures of Bobby at book signings with Melissa, Teresa G., and Jacqueline. Bobby claims he just "happened" to run into every single one coincidentally. Yeah, OK Bobby.

And the last person Jim totally burned? Himself! He graduated law school in 2001, but said he just took the bar exam in 2013, so while the season was filming he wasn't technically a lawyer, even though he bragged his ass off about knowing law, saying that he'd destroy people in the courtroom. Even though he may have taken the exams and had his license to practice, he only confers with lawyers, he doesn't actually spend his days in the courtroom. And then he capped everything off by claiming that he's the only person who's not misogynist on this show because he's willing to fight with women the same way he fights men: by yelling empty threats and profanity-laden insults at them. They might as well caption this episode "The Jim Marchese Hour." Because he may only have been on screen for 20 minutes, but he packed in plenty of action.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy