Khloe Kardashian Had 2 Amazing Birthday Parties

by Nicole Pomarico

I say this about every Keeping Up with the Kardashians spinoff, but seriously: How great is Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons? Kourt and Khlo are my two favorite Kardashian sisters (Sorry, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall), so naturally, I was pumped from the beginning. But since the show officially premiered last week, I'v been hooked. Now that Khloe's South African adventure is behind us, it's time to focus at the next big event at hand: Her birthday. On June 27, the funniest Kardashian officially entered her 30s, and she rang in her third decade of life exactly the way I would've expected her to. As if having two parties wasn't awesome enough, Khloe's birthday celebrations were held in Las Vegas and on a yacht. And don't worry, fans of Khloe's last relationship — French Montana was definitely on hand for both of the festivities, although there's no word yet on whether E! is showing us both parties or not.

Until the rest of the details are revealed to us Sunday, we'll have to deal with the little bit of info we know from magazines and Khloe's gratuitous Instagram postings of the pretty white dress she wore on her special day. Before we sit down to watch, here's everything we know.

Khloe had a giant cake

On the night of her actual birthday, Khloe shared this photo of herself making a wish as she blew out the candles on a huge three-layer cake tied with an orange ribbon and topped with sparklers. Khloe's caption says she's wishing for "a couple of forevers" — probably because she now has so much cake she will never have to wish for dessert ever again. Um, share please?

Actually, she had two giant cakes

On the night of her Vegas celebration, Khloe received an even bigger red, white, and blue cake, decked out in bows, red and white striped life preservers, confetti, and a sparkly number 30. Okay, so maybe the first cake was more sophisticated, but this one is for sure my favorite.

And French gave her a hell of a gift

According to TMZ, French Montana plunked down over $100,000 on Khloe's gifts... and I wouldn't mind having either of them. I can't decide which is more amazing: The Jeep Wrangler, or the $25,000 diamond and emerald ring. I'm a little less interested in the $10,000 he spent on her grills, though, because Khloe can pull those off way better than I ever could.

She celebrated on both coasts

On the east coast, Khloe rang in 30 with her family as they partied on a yacht in New York. And in Vegas, she and her friends hit popular night club Tao, looking amazing in a custom Michael Costello dress.

She was super obsessed with the dress she wore that night

The night of her first party, anyway, and the birthday girl took to Instagram to show it off from all angles. Shoot, if I looked that good in that dress, I'd be obsessed, too!