Heidi Montag Offers Amanda Bynes a Temporary Home, But Will She Accept?

This is truly proof that every cloud has a silver lining. It seems redundant at this point to discuss the current troubles that former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes has been suffering from lately, but the latest development in her case was the revelation that Bynes had been photographed sleeping on a couch due to her inability to find a place to stay that wasn't with her parents. Although Bynes' parents plan to transfer her conservatorship to a professional due to her hostility toward them and in the hopes that it will give her enough distance and freedom from them for them to repair their relationship with her, the legal process is taking time — time that Bynes is spending squatting with friends and in malls. However, help came from a surprising source when Heidi Montag offered Bynes a place to stay in California and, to be honest, I hadn't even known that the two were friends.

In fact, I'm almost certain that the two don't know each other. Why? Because the offer was extended via Twitter on Thursday rather than through a text message or an email or anything far more private and thus more tasteful. Unless Montag was going out of her way to be publicly seen offering aid to Bynes, she must not have had any other way to contact her about this issue. Then, there's her actual message, which read:

The fact that she told Bynes to DM her to discuss the issue further suggests that the rest of the conversation was meant to be as private as Montag might have initially wanted it to be. After all, direct messaging via Twitter can't be done unless there is a mutual follow in place. It's possible that Montag was following the actress, or began following her after news outlets began to publish reports of hers sleeping in a mall, and is requesting that Bynes follow her back so they can be in contact enough to work out the details of her access to the Santa Barbara guest house. Of course, this could be my own optimistic interpretation because I prefer to see the altruism in any and all aid that Bynes receives, but it's still very likely.

After all, celebrities go through a particular kind of struggle that can only be understood by other celebrities. While we see only the glitz and the glamour, it doesn't truly register to us how invasive it is that, as Bynes said, a man with a camera snuck into the mall to take and then publish photos of her while she was asleep and going through an incredibly rough time. It's very good that Montag — who might not have ever had even the briefest kind of relationship with Bynes before — would still rush to her aid when she needed it most, because it shows a support system does exist among celebrities that all of them need. And perhaps this will lead to a deeper friendship between the two in the future.

There's been no word yet on whether or not Bynes messaged Montag back and whether or not she'll accept her offer to stay in the guest house, but I hope that she does. The uncertainty of where Bynes will be staying from night to night isn't something that she needs to worry about on top of everything else.