Keep Up the Good Work, Lindsay!

by Arielle Dachille

Break out the cupcakes and sparkling cider, 'cause we have cause for celebration! As of this week, Lindsay Lohan is off probation in the case of her necklace theft charge from three years ago. Hey, you can't keep a good troubled actress down.

At a hearing on Thursday in Los Angeles, the 2011 case in which Lohan allegedly tried to walk out of an LA jewelry boutique with a $2,500 dollar necklace was officially closed, as Page Six reports. After the boutique owners pressed charges, Lohan was put on probation and sentenced to 240 hours of community service. The actress served 102 hours of her community service sentence working with disabled people and neglected children in London (she's currently playing the lead in David Mamet's Speed The Plow), and got such positive reviews from her peers there as well as her counselor, that Judge James R. Dabney ended her sentence a little early.

With the her reality show on OWN getting cancelled, forgetting her lines on Speed The Plow 's opening night, and troubling accounts of handling diva corpses, it seems like Lohan has spent 2014 flubbing her umpteenth chance at public redemption. But does this recent news signify things turning around for dear Linz? After all, Oprah flew halfway across the world to see her play so she must be doing a good job. Plus, she was on time for the Mean Girls reunion shoot for Entertainment Weekly, so that should count for something. I mean, look at the fun she and Tina Fey had!

Unfortunately, the trick with good behavior is that you have to keep it up, and Lohan has a vested legal interest in doing so. She's still on probation for "reckless driving and lying to the police" charges following a 2012 case in which she crashed her Porsche into a dump truck, and supposedly tried to bribe the other driver to cover up the incident. My advice for staying on the straight and narrow would be staying in touch with her dream-mentor. If nothing else, she can at least begin a couple sentences a day with "Me and Oprah were texting..."