'Hart of Dixie' Shows Rachel Will Be a Great Mom

by Alyse Whitney

It's hard to believe that Summer Roberts is all grown up now with a little one of her own instead of just Princess Sparkles. Rachel Bilson welcomed a baby girl named Briar Rose with her boyfriend, Hayden Christensen, recently, and I already know she's a great mom. Although Bilson has never played a mom on TV or in the movies, the grown-up version of Summer, a.k.a. Hart of Dixie's Zoe Hart, has all the great qualities of a fantastic mama. Zoe isn't a mom either, but throughout the past three seasons, she's given some great advice, had fun (in kid-friendly and not-so-kid-friendly ways), and showed her maternal side along the way.

With that being said, I've broken down 14 reasons why Briar Rose is lucky to have Bilson as her mom, using Zoe as a muse. With Hart of Dixie potentially coming to an end after a shortened Season 4 — because of Bilson's pregnancy cutting the episode number down — we need to savor any time left with the doctor that we have left. And sorry, Hayden Christensen, not going to use GIFs from Star Wars to explain why you'll be a great dad — that probably won't work out well given Anakin's track record.

She'll Give Great Advice

Zoe understands the importance of being yourself, since faking it gets you nowhere.

She Has a Lot of Wisdom to Impart

It's good to take risks, but she'll teach her daughter to think before she acts, while still staying true to herself.

Good Manners Are a Must

I'll skip the "I am the one who knocks" joke, because Bilson won't teach her daughter that. But knocking in general is polite.

She'll Be Supportive, No Matter What

Even if she has to cringe while doing so, she'll smile through anything.

She Understands the Importance of Friendship

Bilson surrounds herself with great friends, and can also teach her daughter secret handshakes.

She'll Help Her Eat Her Feelings After Breakups

Ice cream, doughnuts, whatever she needs.

The Importance of Food Won't Be Lost

Candy is important, but also, you know, balanced meals. Moderation!

They'll Play With Their Food, Too

Messes can be fun... sometimes.

She Knows the Art of Soda Bubbles

Everyone's gotta learn sometime!

She Has an Arsenal of Awesome Dance Moves

Karate chops absolutely included.

She Will Make Every Day Fun

And make it rain confetti on birthdays, obviously.

They'll Have the Best Christmases Ever

Maybe Chrismukkah, since Bilson's family is half-Jewish. And The O.C., obviously.

She'll Help Her Cope With Lots of Feelings

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

But Don't Worry – She'll Always Keep Her in Check

Yes, her life will be all fun and games most of the time, but Bilson can also keep her daughter in check — especially during her teenage years. This look says it all.

Images: Giphy (14); Danny Feld/The CW