Is Casey Affleck Single? The 'Interstellar' Actor Married Into a Famous Family

So, you saw Interstellar and now you need to know everything there is about everyone who starred in the movie because it was that good. I hear ya, it's actually a quite understandable obsession. So, in honor of your new fave movie, for this edition of "Is This Really Hot Person Single?," let's delve into the personal and romantic life of resident little brother and Interstellar star, Casey Affleck. Because... why the hell not? Maybe we'd like to ask him out to an intimate candlelit dinner if he is in fact single. What's so bad about that?

Well... if you did have intentions of romantic date planning, it's probably not going to go so well for you. As it turns out, not only is Affleck taken, he's super taken... like for eternity. Yep, he's a married man. Ugh, a total bummer, I know. Well, a bummer for fans, at least. Not so much the actor himself himself. Affleck's been married to actress Summer Phoenix (yes, from that brood of famous Phoenixes) since 2006, which is a wonderful accomplishment if we're not factoring in our own feelings of selfishness and envy.

To top off the marriage news (eight years too late), it appears that Affleck and Phoenix have two kids, Indiana and Atticus, to boot, which means they just add more leaves onto the already prolific Phoenix family tree. For reals, guys. There's a whole lot of them.

Anyhow, at least we're informed now. This revelation has given us our sorely needed closure. After all, it's been a very intense three minute interval from when I wondered about his relationship status to when we found out. It's sort of a good thing that the Internet has ruined all of our attention spans, though. Like, my mind is already wandering to other cast members. What's the deal with Topher Grace? Maybe he's available...

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