Alexandra Daddario Has Big Plans After 'New Girl'

by Rachel Paige

This week brings the return of Alexandra Daddario to New Girl , and her actual girl-next-door character, Michelle. She — along with her roommate, who will now be played by Greek's Amber Stevens — took over Schmidt's vacated fancy bachelor pad, much to the boys' delight. Then they accidentally broke her "study abroad mirror." Now Daddario is back for another episode, and it seems like one of Jess' roommates might finally win Michelle over. But aside from this spot on New Girl, does Daddario have any other upcoming projects?

Last year, she had a role on True Detective, where she played Lisa, the girlfriend of Woody Harrelson's Detective Hart. We probably won't see her again on the show, since it doesn't appear that Nic Pizzolatto is taking a page out of Ryan Murphy's book and keeping the same cast for each standalone season, the way he does with American Horror Story.

However you will be able to see Daddario on the big screen soon, as she has a big action movie slated to be released on May 29, 2015. In San Andreas, Daddario reportedly plays Blake, the daughter of Dwayne Johnson. If the movie title itself doesn't give away the plot, yes, it is in fact about an earthquake that hits California — the San Andreas fault line — and wrecks havoc across the state. Johnson is of course a rescue-helicopter pilot, because why wouldn't he be, and he takes his chopper through California to try and rescue his daughter. In addition to Johnson and Daddario, San Andreas will star Colton Haynes, Ioan Gruffudd, and Kylie Minogue.

Daddario will also star in the upcoming The Choice , based off of the book by Nichols Sparks. Daddario will play a still untitled role (at least according to IMDB). It also stars Teresa Palmer, Maggie Grace, and Tom Welling. Daddario's quickly becoming an up and coming star, and with her turn in so far every genre under the sun, her popularity will only continue to grow. As she joked, even the president has seen her boobs. That's kind of a big deal, I guess?

But for now, tune in to New Girl on Tuesday where Daddario's return is sure to cause another stir between the boys, as they once again vie for her affection. Hopefully they don't break any of her cherished possessions this time.