Watch This Hilariously Accurate Amazon Echo Parody

If any commercial absolutely called for a prompt parody response, it’s mostly definitely Amazon Echo, the robot from our futuristic nightmare that puts Disney’s Smart House to shame (although I will say, I don’t think Echo has the capability to materialize into a ‘50s housewife and destroy a house, but who knows). If you haven’t seen the original Amazon Echo commercial, all you really have to know is that nobody actually needs Amazon Echo. It's basically Her and that's not something we need in real life. The commercial tries its best to be subtly humorous by pegging the mom character as a badly Stereotypical Tech-Clueless Stay At Home Mom Who Slowly Warms Up To Echo Once It Helps Her Bake and the dad as The Patriarchal Figurehead Who Wants To Impress Everyone With This Brand New Shiny Thing He Just Bought. Really, the dad is just comes off as super cloying and desperate, but whatever. His kids and his wife, although hesitant at first, learn to love "Alexa", their newest household robot.

This parody to the Amazon Echo commercial just voices over the Alexa's voice, giving way, way better answers to her owners. When the dad asks what she does, Alexa answers, “I’m a talking cylinder. I exist only for companionship and utility. My existence is utterly meaningless.” The confused mom, wanting to give it a go, yells, “WHAT TIME IS IT,” and Alexa answers, “It’s time for you to calm the fuck down.” Later on in the commercial, the mom asks for a teaspoon to tablespoon conversion, and Alexa replies, “How is it possible that a woman your age doesn’t know that? Look it up, you insufferable imbecile.” And my favorite part is when the mom (god bless her heart) asks what day it is in order to spur her husband out of bed. Alexa answers, “Today’s the day is the day Rob gets off his ass and makes something of his life.” So, Alexa is basically April Ludgate in robot form. I think we would all kinda prefer her that way.

Here's the original Amazon Echo commercial:

And here is the satirical remake. You're welcome.

Images: Amazon