Victoria Gotti Kept Busy Since 'Growing Up Gotti'

by Kayla Hawkins

One of the original reality TV families, the Gottis, are returning to A&E for Growing Up Gotti : 10 Years Later , a retrospective of the 2004 series. So, what is Victoria Gotti up to when she's not reminiscing about her reality TV fame? She's actually been on another reality show recently. Just a few months ago, Gotti appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey , showing up in one episode to drop a bomb that would echo through the rest of the season.

Fans of RHONJ, feel free to skip this paragraph, because you've no doubt heard about this ad nauseam. Gotti alleged that Rino Aprea, husband of rookie RHONJ Teresa Aprea, had sex with Teresa's mother while the two were separated. While Teresa has been open about Rino having sex with other women during their divorce and dating strippers — this was a bridge too far. Over the course of the season, Teresa and her twin sister, Nicole Napolitano, both talked every single week about how much Victoria (or VG, as they called her) was wrong, how evil she was, how bad it is to lie about someone's parents, and on and on all year long until Victoria responded by taking a lie detector test about the rumor… which she passed!

But before she was gossiping with The Real Housewives, Victoria kept busy with plenty of other things in the past 10 years. Right around the time Growing Up Gotti was cancelled, Victoria made headlines when she announced that she had breast cancer. At first, the headlines were sympathetic, but as time passed, people started to think that Gotti may not have been telling the truth. In the end, she clarified that a mammogram had uncovered pre-cancerous cells, which she chose to treat aggressively so she would not develop cancer.

After that, Gotti retreated from the camera for a few years to write books, including a cookbook called Hot Italian Dish (wow, she really does belong on the RHONJ) and an autobiography, This Family of Mine .

Victoria's first return to reality TV came in 2012, with a brief stint on Celebrity Apprentice. She was the second contestant eliminated, after clashing with Lisa Lampanelli over a Medieval Times presentation. Lampanelli, as the team leader, put Gotti up for elimination for, among other things, spelling the word "Medieval" as "Mid-Evil." That's a fairly hard word to spell, but this was 2012. Type it into iOS, and it'll automatically correct it for you. Gotti was snoozing on the job.

But since then, Victoria has exhibited a renewed drive to be a successful reality personality, and Growing Up Gotti: 10 Years Later is just the beginning.

Images: Miller Mobley/A&E; Giphy