'AHS' Twisty Meets 'Toy Story' in This Terrifying Crossover — VIDEO

I hate clowns — they’re the freakin’ worst. I don’t even like Ronald McDonald (ugh seriously who came up with him?) and I sure as hell don’t like Pennywise from Stephen King’s It. I wish we could just leave clowns out of television and movies, but noooo someone always has to be a party pooper. And now, with what is definitely the worst thing anyone could do, one woman has combined American Horror Story’s Twisty with Toy Story characters Woody and Buzz in what can only be described as the scariest video ever.

Prepare for your childhood to be ruined, because after you watch this, there’s really no going back. Although I appreciate animator Leigh Lahav’s excitement for the news about Toy Story 4 being greenlit, I could do without this AHS modification. Toy Story already has Chuckles the Clown, so I think that’s good enough. In this video, even Buzz agrees that there’s something off about Bonnie’s new toy, Twisty, while Woody doesn’t seem to see the problem.

The Twisty doll casually sits on a shelf across from the others with a knife and it totally makes sense when Buzz says, “I don’t like him, Woody.” Because what is there to like?! If I had a clown doll sitting on my shelf staring at me, I’d be less than enthused. Where’s Andy when you need him?

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Image: OnlyLeigh/YouTube