How Long Will 'Jane The Virgin's First Season Be?

by Christine DiStasio

Thank you, TV gods, for being merciful and giving me exactly what I need. Obviously you've been watching The CW's new series, Jane the Virgin, because if you haven't, you're officially a pariah. I mean, how could you not watch a show that stars the criminally attractive Justin Baldoni and actually had a man die by getting impaled by an ice sculpture? Oh, and did I mention that it's perfectly influenced by telenovelas? You need more of this type of series in your life and The CW knows it — back in October, Jane the Virgin got a full-season order because the world is amazing sometimes. So, how many episodes will Jane the Virgin Season 1 have?

No one was really surprised that Jane the Virgin got picked up for a full season. OK, fine, maybe some people were surprised, but I absolutely wasn't. The Gina Rodriguez-starring comedy is the perfect addition to The CW's supernatural and superhero-heavy line-up. That's a bold statement, but Anthony Mendez's voiceover narration on the series is enough to base that assessment off of. (He's awesome, by the way — if you didn't immediately notice upon watching the pilot.)

So, with Jane the Virgin's full season order, we can expect Season 1 to be 22 episodes long. That's what the standard full season on The CW runs for when a series premieres in the fall like Jane did. Now, take a moment to think about how great this is — 22 episodes of Jane the Virgin. That means significantly more Rafael Solano in your life, hopefully more crazy deaths like Zazo's (RIP), more wondering why Michael is so shady, and ideally, more scenes of Jane's mom singing "Milkshake." Everything you've ever dreamed of and more, right?

You don't have to answer, I know you've never wanted anything more than more Jane the Virgin. And, to illustrate exactly how happy and excited I am and you should be (seriously, get out from under that rock!), here's what Jane the Virgin getting 22 episodes makes me feel like:

And also:

Seriously, people, get excited and start watching this show. Because you don't want to miss the beautiful Jane and Rafael moments.

You know you love it and if you don't, you will by the time you finish watching "Chapter Four."

Images: Tyler Golden/The CW; talesofnorth, janegifs (2)/Tumblr