'The Originals' Klaroline Will Never Happen

by Christine DiStasio

Does anyone else feel kind of insulted by The Originals' assumption that fans just want to see Klaus with any blonde? Because that's really not what Vampire Diaries and Originals fans want, Julie Plec. I'd like to think that she knows that after five seasons of TVD and a successful season of The Originals. Unfortunately, however, it seems like Plec doesn't know that because The Originals Season 2 is forcing Klaus and Cami together. And it's really just a cheap and fake substitute for Klaroline, which isn't happening anytime soon, guys. (I know, I feel your pain.) It'd be one thing if Klaus and Cami were happening organically, but Season 2 is obviously grasping at romantic straws for Klaus and it's totally uncool.

Again, let me just say that substituting one tough, independent blonde for another is 100 percent unacceptable, yet I can understand why The Originals would allow Klaus to have feelings for Cami. First, she's got the fact that she's actually there, in the thick of things, in New Orleans with Klaus, but she also shares Caroline's unique ability to cut Klaus down to size when he's being unnecessarily cruel and/or whiney. It makes perfect sense that Klaus would be drawn to a woman that has similar qualities to his self-proclaimed final love, Caroline, because Klaus loved Caroline. And just because they believe they shared their final goodbyes and that things are over between them, it doesn't mean that either of their feelings disappeared. I mean, they were in love, damnit.

So, here we are with The Originals second season, watching Cami weasel her way into Klaus' emotions with her psychology talk and tough love and Klaus totally falling for it. Why? Because he feels alone and because Julie Plec continues to refuse to allow Klaroline to get together — even though TVD 's been trying to push Caroline to move on to better things than Elena and Stefan's drama. My biggest problem with Cami and Klaus, however, isn't Klaroline (I know, you're extremely surprised), it's the fact that she essentially jumped out of bed with Marcel and forced herself into Klaus' good graces. These two didn't end on good terms, probably because Klaus was just using Cami as an unbiased outlet for all of his frustrations with his past and his current situation in New Orleans and somehow, they managed to mend their relationship in one short episode.

Seriously, these two had a few drinks, Cami made some cutting comments, and she and Klaus walked out on good terms. On such good terms, in fact, that she jumped in his car to go kill Mikael (OK, she was also there for Davina) and ended up being Mikael's prisoner and pulling the White Oak Stake out of Klaus' heart. This relationship escalated so quickly that if you blinked, you missed. Which further fuels my anger that it's even happening at all.

I get why Cami is so attracted to Klaus — he's got a tortured soul, he's got his family issues, but at the same time, Klaus is undeniably charming. He's so cruel, but you can't help but be in love with him and wish for him to find some type of peace and success in his situations. Cami's got a thing for helping people that have the odds stacked against them — which is another thing she and Caroline have in common. They're both distinctly selfish, but they're always willing to stand up and by your side when the world is crashing down around you.

The Originals is painting clear parallels between Cami and The CW's original blonde, Caroline, and it's making Cami's relationship with Klaus even more frustrating. Cami's always been Marcel's love interest and that's the only reason why Klaus went after her in the first place, which happens to, again, be strikingly similar to why Klaus went after Caroline. (For all of you non-TVD fans, Klaus went after Caroline because she was Tyler's love interest, but also because they're made for each other by the supernatural gods.)

I absolutely want Klaus to be happy, but, like any good TVD fan, he needs to be happy with the right partner. And that person isn't a lesser copy of Caroline Forbes. It's just not. Maybe next time, Julie Plec won't waste a perfectly good crossover episode on developing another doppelgänger's story and, instead, she'll set up Caroline for her move to New Orleans. It's about time TVD and The Originals gave the people what they want and not just a replica with the same hair color. It's starting to get just plain insulting.

Images: Guy D'Alema (2), Curtis Baker/The CW