Is 'Vampire Diaries'' Season 6 Premiere Pushing Klaroline? That "Move On" Talk Is Rather Suggestive

Move on, Caroline. Just. Move. On. Why are you not getting the hint? The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premiere seems to be pushing a Klaroline reunion while dealing with the fallout of Elena's crazy, vampire drug problem. Because, frankly, it's time for her to find something better to do than hanging around the outskirts of Mystic Falls. Even her own mother wants her to GTFO of there and move onto bigger and better things than calling Stefan 100 times a day and trying to pick up Elena's verbally abuse pieces. So, what's a girl to do when there's obviously nothing left for her where she's at? Move to New Orleans, of course — TVD is pushing Caroline away and, hopefully, right into Klaus' waiting arms. I guess this is why Steroline is dead-on-arrival, because Klaroline is back on the table, y'all.

Basically, Caroline's life has hit a standstill, but at least she's being kind of proactive about finding a fix for the Damon and Bonnie problem? In the four-month time-jump since the TVD Season 5 finale, Caroline dropped out of college and decided to devote her life to reading ancient spell books and lurking around the Mystic Falls perimeter so she can have picnics with her mom. OH and she's also calling Stefan over and over and over again — but it's totally not because she still loves him, it's because she's pissed that he ditched his friends without saying goodbye. And they're a team, they have to stick together. Pft.

Caroline's wasting her life and her good nature and TVD is finally ready to acknowledge that, even if it's being a little abrupt about the fact that she needs to "move on." Honestly, if I had to hear one more person — Sheriff Forbes, Alaric, Elena — say those words to her, I was going to scream. (Not that Julie Plec would hear me, but whatever.) Like Elena said, Mystic Falls doesn't want Caroline and she doesn't want to go back to college because that's just too trivial in times like these, so where else is our favorite, fast-talking blonde vampire to go? Well, New Orleans is a start...

If TVD's going to push Caroline away from her hometown, forcibly away from any possibility of Steroline, and make it seem like all of her efforts are futile, why would Julie Plec not give a Klaroline reunion a chance? Fans have been pulling for it and if there's really no place for Caroline in or around Mystic Falls, then there's plenty of room for her in New Orleans — they could use extra bodies down there anyway. And it's going to get really old really quickly if we have to keep watching her call Stefan 100 times a day and leave him voicemails begging for him to come home. C'mon, Julie Plec, Caroline deserves so much better than that.

And, well, Klaroline — swoon.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW, Fanpop