A Makeup Deal To Heal Your Monday Blues

by Tess Yocom

So, I have a thing for makeup palettes. There’s something about having all your shadows and lip glosses bundled into one pretty package that makes you feel a little more put together. It’s always fun to see which brands release a new set for the holidays, because they pretty much make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. I may or may not still use a set I got a few Christmas mornings ago (#guilty.) Clearly, it might be time for an upgrade — and Tarte's My Sweet Indulgences set might just do the trick.

If you’re anything like me, get ready to freak. Tarte is releasing a new collection that includes two mascaras, three eyeliners, two lip tints, one lipgloss, two blushes, and 16 (yup — SIXTEEN) eyeshadows for only $59.94. Yeah, that’s quite a bit of make up. BUT, get on it. The deal is only available today on QVC and

The holidays are the best time to update your collection. Nothing feels better than trying out a new eyeshadow on Christmas morning or putting on new blush on the first day of classes after a lazy winter break. Kind of makes the whole “Christmas is over” thing a little less painful, right?

Here’s a peek at the collection:

I think I may be in love with that packaging. So many holiday make up palettes come in red and green boxes that make you feel like your neighbors who leave their Christmas lights up until May. The metallic florals work for the season, but can also be used year-round. Plus, it's awesome that the set comes with three separate boxes — the easier to split it up amongst all your product-loving friends for the holidays.

Oh, and let’s talk about that eye shadow. It’s can be hard to find a palette with good neutrals, but tarte has colors that can be worn both at work and during a night out. The light pinks are a good brow bone color, while the dark browns can be worn on the eyelid. I think I’m in love.

Want to really join in on the tarte party? Make sure to tweet #mysweetindulgences and enter to win a trip to Paris. No biggie.

Images: QVC (5)