So, When Is "Blank Space" Really Coming Out?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Update: Swift has released the music video officially to her Vevo as of early Monday afternoon.

Monday morning brought with it some very high highs and some very low lows for Taylor Swift fans. In the first place, we all awoke to find that Swift's "Blank Space" music video had debuted on Yahoo! Screen. Before all of us could properly appreciate it by watching it several times, however, the music video was pulled. As it turns out, Yahoo! premiered "Blank Space" way too early and Swift is probably writing an angry song about them as we speak. (Just kidding!) Considering the fact that many of Swift's international fans had no access to the music video and many others woke up too late on Monday to get to watch it, there's only one question on everyone's minds. Where can you watch Swift's "Blank Space" music video? You might not have to wait that long.

First, there's the question of exactly when the "Blank Space" music video will officially premiere. When director Joseph Kahn tweeted about the accidental leak, he wasn't forthcoming with any kind of real release date. However, BuzzFeed confirmed with Swift's camp that "Blank Space" will premiere on Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Waiting 24 hours for the music video to come out isn't a huge sacrifice for fans, even though when it comes to something like Swift's music every second can feel like the worst kind of torture. But there's a reason you shouldn't drive yourself insane from the waiting just yet. At least, I'm hoping this reason comes true.

While it's true that nothing disappears on the Internet and the "Blank Space" music video can probably be found somewhere, but there might be some added benefits to waiting until Tuesday for the official release of the music video. In fact, I can think of one huge benefit off the top of my head: the "Shake It Off" behind the scenes outtakes. Remember how Swift enhanced our music video watching experience with "Shake It Off" by releasing a series of behind the scenes videos from filming? Who's to say she's not planning to do the same thing with "Blank Space"? We won't know unless we wait.

Swift's late-rising fans might feel like they're being punished for no reason, but she loves her fans way too much to make them suffer without any kind of pay off. Personally, I want to believe that the pay off will come in the form of the music video being released with the first of many behind-the-scenes videos. Maybe there will even be an entire "Making of 'Blank Space'" featurette waiting for us at the end of this 24 hour period.

That alone is enough of a reason to wait and see what surprises Swift has in store for us with "Blank Space", because so far she has made 1989 a listening experience that none of us will forget. Between the surprise sessions, the hidden messages, the behind the scenes clips, and all her Taylurking, Swift hasn't let her fan base down yet. If she doesn't want to release the music video until Tuesday, then we should accept that. Good things come to those who wait, especially when those who wait are Swifties.

See? Check out the official video below.

Image: taylorswiftno, he-said-mutual/Tumblr; Yahoo!