What Really Happened on 'Vanderpump's Miami Trip?

by Arielle Dachille

On the Season 3 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, also known as the greatest show of our time, we were introduced to a few of the delicious conflicts that will drive the drama at SUR this year: Jax's nose job, Stassi's return as SUR's prodigal daughter and, of course, the matter of what happened in Miami. Did Tom Sandoval indeed cheat on Ariana, as Kristen nefariously alleged after her Instagram-scouting? I must know!

To quickly recap, Kristen contacted a girl known only as Annemarie, who allegedly claimed to have hooked up with Tom in Miami. Given her speckled history with Kristen, Ariana brushed off the accusation and claimed to know that the allegations weren't true. Denying the accusation, Tom claimed that he and his girlfriend are "disgustingly honest" with each other and that Kristen is just being spiteful. And to his credit, this sounds totally like something Kristen would do. However, as Scheana said, Tom is apparently a talented liar. Like a Shakespearean drama, all of the action happened offstage, and there were no cameras to confirm or refute any of these claims. So, who do we believe?!

Let's put on our Sherlock caps and try to solve this mystery like Benedict Cumberbatch would. Are there any pictures from Miami to clue us into the real action? Well, we know that Tom had a Coyote Ugly moment and danced on a bar...

Embarrassing, endearing, but surely not incriminating. Taylor didn't post any pictures from the night, but he did make a shameless Hangover analogy for the guys' trip.

Tom Schwartz, also in attendance, relaxed with a Corona.


OK, so no clues out there on Instagram. But what cheater in their right mind would broadcast their cheating like that? Let's hear from the girl who Tom supposedly slept with, Annamarie Kunkel, a 24-year-old New York-based receptionist. Star Magazine spoke to Kunkel back in April, who went into detail about the alleged sexy-time she had with Tom, citing that it lasted for "3 seconds." She also claims to have been on her period, which didn't stop Tom from wanting to have sex. Unaware that the reality star had a girlfriend, Kunkel claimed to be shocked by Tom's philandering:

It broke my heart a little bit because Tom seemed like a great person and then you find out that everything he must have said was a lie. I can only imagine how Ariana feels, because she's with this guy and thinks he's so sweet.

Kunkel also claimed that the reality star was on Molly, and at the time she was hooking up with Sandoval, Jax was in the room.

Just a few days after the Vanderpump Rules premiere, Kunkel tweeted:

OoOoOoOo... Cryptic...

So, we can say for sure that the Miami trip involved some re-enacting of The Hangover, a couple of Coronas, and some kneeling on the bar. Translation: WILD time. In addition, there may have been some fooling around, but the evidence it all circumstantial. One thing's for sure, as we saw in the season preview, the truth will come out.

Image: Annemarie Kunkel/Facebook